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“I am light illumining all. I am light happy in my brothers and sisters. I came down to the world of mortals because of the spirit in what descended and came from the innocent Sophia. I came and delivered . . . and went . . . that which he once had. I gave him some of the living water, which strips him of chaos in uttermost darkness, in the whole abyss, which is corporeal and psychical thought. All these I put on. And I stripped him of inferior thought and clothed him in shining light: knowledge of the thought of fatherhood.

“I delivered him to those who give robes—Yammon, Elasso, Amenai—and they covered him with a robe from the robes of the light; I delivered him to the baptizers and they baptized him—Micheus, Michar, Mnesinous—and they immersed him in the spring of the water of life.” ~Three Forms of First Thought

Illumining Light

The illumining light is illumining all. It is shining on all of existence and changing it. But with us humans, it behaves differently. Only we can choose to resist, ignore, or embrace that light. Those who resist it will absorb little, if any. Therefore, they will not experience any spiritual growth or increase in level of consciousness. Those who ignore it will still absorb some, but at a slow rate. It will work in them, but they will have little control over it. The ones who embrace it absorb the most. They will experience the greatest spiritual growth possible. Likewise, they will raise their consciousness level faster than the others. So thinking that we should just sit back and let whatever happens happen—the philosophy of a piece of driftwood—is not the best approach to spiritual growth.

Down to Mortals

This illumining light does come down to “mortals”. That is to say, it comes from higher dimensions down to the third dimension of matter and mortality. Those who embrace this light and use it to grow can climb out of the abyss of matter and become truly immortal. Yes, we have immortal souls and spirits. But we are not immortal unless we awaken and unite with those spiritual faculties. Again, we have to work to make this happen. Driftwood rarely lands in the right port.

Living Water

The living water is another name for that illumining light. It is also called God’s grace. It strips us of chaos because when we awaken our spiritual faculties using that living water, we know truth. We can’t easily be deceived by the trickery of the demons and fallen angels and the unwitting humans who aid them. The quote says the darkness is found in “ corporeal and psychical thought.” This is the kind of thought we find in the material brain-mind. It is fine for helping us function in the physical world, but is useless in the spiritual. Notice that the quoted material place psychic thought on essentially the same level. While this isn’t totally true, it is true that both material and psychic thought are of a lower level than the spiritual thought of the soul. Only the soul, awakened and nourished by the illuminating light, can understand the spiritual and guide us through those levels of reality. You wouldn’t hire a swamp guide to help you climb a mountain. Don’t rely on a material mind to help you understand the spiritual.

Robe of Light

Those who have been awakened by the illumining light can be said to be wearing a robe of light. This is what is generally called the aura. All of us have an aura, but in those who do not absorb spiritual light, it is weak and of low frequencies. So a strong aura is an indication of a spiritually strong and healthy person. This is often depicted in art as a halo around the head, but it is actually around the whole body.

It is said that once when St. Francis of Assisi was having an evening meeting with St. Clair, the room filled with so much light that monks came running with buckets of water to put out the fire. That is truly wearing robes of illumining light.


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