follow the way, Illuminator

“Once again, for the third time, the illuminator of knowledge passes by in great glory to leave some of the seed of Noah and the sons of Ham and Japheth—to leave fruit-bearing trees for himself. And he redeems their souls from the day of death. The whole creation that came from the dead earth will be under the authority of death. But those who reflect on the knowledge of the eternal god in their hearts will not perish. They have not received spirit from this kingdom but from something eternal, angelic. . . .

“The illuminator will come. And he will perform signs and wonders to scorn the powers and their ruler. Then the god of the powers is disturbed and says, ‘What is the power of this person who is higher than we are?’ Then he brings a great wrath against that person. And glory withdraws and lives in holy houses it has chosen for itself. The powers do not see it with their eyes, nor do they see the illuminator. They punish the flesh of the one over whom the holy spirit has come. Then the angels and all the generations of the powers will use the name in error, asking, ‘Where did this come from?’ or ‘Where did the words of deception, which all the powers have failed to realize, come from?’” ~The Revelation of Adam

Illuminator of Knowledge

Depending on how you choose to look at it, the Illuminator of true knowledge could be Christ or God. This should not be confused with Adam and Eve eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. That knowledge is on the material world, and therefore limited. It is also important to remember that it was good and evil. True knowledge comes from God and is never evil. True knowledge is spiritual and eternal. It isn’t about the realm of matter at all.

Fruit-Bearing Trees

While most people are in ignorance of their beginning and of the true knowledge of spirit, there are exceptions. Some have access to that knowledge. And most of us can still get access to it if we make the necessary effort. But it isn’t something that can happen instantly. Nor is it knowledge that can be fond in books. The ancients were very careful to put only a limited amount of the truth into writing for fear that the power of such knowledge would be used for evil. Those who gain access to that knowledge are the chosen, the fruit-bearing trees.

Redeemed Souls

Those who gain the true knowledge do not experience death. Not completely, anyway. They integrate with their immortal soul while still living in a body of flesh. When that body dies, their integrated mind and soul lives on forever. But it doesn’t just happen .We have to work at it. We have to want it. The Illuminator bring light only to those desiring it and wanting to use it for good.
Their spiritual truth comes from the realm of spirit, not from the realm of matter. So another reason it is never put into writing is that there is no written language capable of truly expressing it.

Disturbed God

The god of the powers is “disturbed” because he isn’t the real God and he doesn’t want us to gain knowledge of the true God and the true Kingdom. He want’s us to stay trapped in his half-truths rather than learning real truth. He wants us to stay trapped in the material world forever. It is where he rules. He is the jealous god. He is jealous of the true God of spirit.
This false god is good at showing us great wonders and miracles on the physical level. Many have fallen for such trickery and worship him. But the awakened are not fooled. They turn to the true God of spirit and the true Knowledge.

Powers of Darkness

Those powers of darkness that are ruled by the false god can be considered fallen angels or powerful demons. They try to keep us in line and stop us from gaining true wisdom. That is why the spiritual student must be strong. The path of enlightenment is far more like an obstacle course than a water slide. The good news is that the Illuminator is more powerful than they are.


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