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“Perhaps the most familiar example of mistaken sense-reports is that of the movement of the earth. The senses of every person report to him that the earth is a fixed, immovable body, and that the sun, moon, planets, and stars move around the earth. … It is only when one accepts the reports of the reasoning faculties that he knows that the earth not only whirls around on its axis every twenty-four hours, but that it circles around the sun every 365 days. …

“I am not trying to make any of you doubt the report of the five senses. That would be most foolish. … Instead, I am trying to acquaint you with the real nature of these five senses, they you may realize what they are not, as well as what they are; and that there is no absurdity in believing that there are more channels of information open to the ego or soul of the person.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Confusing the Senses

It’s curious that there are still people who will say they believe only what they can perceive with the five senses, and nothing else, when there is so much evidence that the senses can be confused or tricked.

Atkinson mentions one of the most common of these illusions. If we are moving in a car at 80 mph (128 k), we feel the speed. Our senses tell us we are moving. But when we are sitting still in a chair, we are actually moving about 19 miles or 30 kilometers per second around the sun. The senses are fooled because the whole planet is moving at that speed. We seem to be still because our sense work relative to the earth and to what we see around us.

Have you ever been sitting in a plane or train that is not moving, then the one next to you starts moving. You feel a strange sense of movement because your senses are confused. They don’t know which plane or train is moving and which is sitting still.

Optical illusions are another one. A favorite of mine in recent years is the sidewalk drawings that are done so that they appear to be 3-D objects.

3-D Sidewalk Art

Other senses can be fooled as well. Real estate agents will tell you that certain scents like apple pie make a house more appealing. The house would be exactly the same if it smelled like boiled cabbage, but it wouldn’t sell.

Confusing the Senses Spiritually

The greatest way that the senses become confused is in having us believe that the realm of matter is not only real, but that it is exactly what it appears to be. This is because those senses are useless for sensing anything beyond the physical, so many of us are convinced that nothing beyond matter exists.

The truth is, there are probably spiritual beings where you are right now. You don’t see them or hear them with the physical senses. That doesn’t mean they are not real. It means that you need to use our spiritual senses to see spiritual things and spiritual beings.

Spiritual Senses

Our spirit has senses just as the body does. They are not the same, of course, but similar. They function in the realm of spirit, not matter. Unfortunately, these senses are not easily used because few of us have awakened our spirits. The spiritual senses cannot function while the spirit and soul lies dormant. We need to awaken them with God’s Light. Then the spiritual senses can start working. Then the next step if for the spiritual senses to start sharing as much as possible with the physical senses and the brain-mind. This makes us function better in the physical world as well as the spiritual. Then we can stop confusing the senses.


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