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“I do not say that a man should search and learn nothing in natural arts and science. No, such knowledge is useful to him. But a man must not begin with his OWN reason. Man ought not only to govern his life by the light of outward reason, which is good in itself; but should sink with that light into the deepest humility before God, and set the Spirit and Will of God foremost in all his searching, so that the Light of Reason may see and know things through the Light of God. And though reason may be very wise in its own sphere, and help a man to much knowledge, yet it must not arrogate such wisdom and knowledge to itself, as if they were in its own possession, but give the glory thereof to God, to whom alone all Wisdom and Knowledge belongs.” ~Jacob Boehme

Two Lights

Yes, there are two lights. Or more accurately, two types of light. There is material or physical light, and there is spiritual light.

Material light is obvious. We all know about it. This light can now be divided into two sub-groups. There is natural light which comes mostly from the sun and the stars. Some think it comes from the moon also, but the moon doesn’t give off light, it just reflects the light of the sun. Lesser sources of natural light include fire, fireflies (also called lightning bugs in some areas), and other bio-luminescent life forms. This light is essential for our physical body, but it does little for the spirit and soul.

Spiritual light is different in two ways. It is different frequencies from physical light. Perhaps not frequencies in the physical sense, but something similar. It originates in higher dimensions. It originates with God. Because of that, the information carried in that light is spiritual or divine in nature. So if spiritual growth is our goal, this is the light we need to turn to. But we still need physical light. We need two lights for the two sides of our total being.

All light carries knowledge or information within it. This is a long-held spiritual belief that is now accepted by the science of Quantum Physics.

Learn Arts and Science

In the quote, Boehme begins by denying that he is advising people to not learn natural arts and science. He says such knowledge is useful. But, he adds, there is a higher learning, a higher science and art.

We can’t deny that we live in the material world. Those of us who have awakened to some degree understand that it is not healthy to live entirely on the material plane and ignore the spiritual. But it is also a bad idea to become so spiritual that you can’t function in the world of matter. We have to function in both and walk that razor’s edge between the two realms.

Some think that there is no such thing as spiritual science, but there is. But the spiritual realm is different and the science used to study it must be different. If you try to understand it through physical sciences, you will get false results, or conclude that there is nothing spiritual. You wouldn’t use weather balloons to study mental illness, so don’t try to use physical science to study the spiritual.

On the other hand, physical science has limited itself by rejecting everything in higher dimensions. The physical has little effect on the spiritual, but the spiritual does affect the physical realm. Knowing a little about the spiritual levels, and how they relate to the physical, could help physical science advance more quickly and accurately. So we need two lights: physical and spiritual.


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