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“The soul is. It has no beginning and no end but flows towards wholeness. … The personality does not operate independently from the soul. To the extent that a person is in touch with spiritual depths, the personality is soothed because the energy of consciousness is focused on its energy core and not on its artificial facade, which is the personality.” the personality sometimes appears as a force running rampant in the world with no attachment o the energy of its soul. This situation can be the origin of what we call an evil human being, and it can be the origin of a schizophrenic human being. It is the result of the personality being unable to find its reference point, or connection, to its mothership, which is its soul.” ~Gary Zukav

No Beginning and No End

There are two things that can be meant when Zukav says the soul has no beginning and no end. First, it means the soul exists outside of time. It was never born. It will never die. Second, it also exists outside the realm of space. So in terms of space, there is no starting point or ending position of the soul. It is everywhere, always. It concentrates, in a sense, within out physical body, but is in no way limited by it.

Spiritual Depths

When the spirit and soul is awakened, we are in touch with “spiritual depths”. They are not depths in the sense of being deep within us, although going within may help us contact the depths. They are actually higher dimensions of reality, or higher levels of consciousness. We attune ourselves to them by raising our frequencies and our level of consciousness.

It is true that our spirit and soul are soothed by contact with these higher levels of being. The personality may also be soothed if it has a well-maintained connection with the soul. Without that connection, you can have a happy soul in a neurotic personality.

Energy of Consciousness

You don’t often hear of consciousness being talked of as a kind of energy. Yet that is what is must be. It certainly isn’t a form of matter. It must be energy. But it isn’t a type of energy that exists only in the realm of matter. If all energy was confined to the third dimension, the others couldn’t exist. If all consciousness existed in the third dimension, the others could not exist. But there is consciousness in higher dimensions where angels and beings of light dwell. Those being are obviously part of the One Consciousness. And since matter can’t exist in the spiritual realms, consciousness must be a spiritual energy. Consciousness is found in all the spiritual heights and spiritual depths.


Zukav makes it clear that the personality s not the soul. Exactly what personality is isn’t well defined. Some believe it is purely a part of the mind. It is generally defined as the qualities or character of a person. Yet there are people with multiple personalities. I don’t see how that could be possible if the personality is simply the collection of all that makes up our character.

The teaching I follow says that personality comes partly from the mind and partly from the energy centers (chakras). So, for example, if your lower centers are the strongest, you will have a somewhat materialistic personality. If the upper ones are strong, and the lower weak, you will have a spiritual personality, but not function well in the world of matter and materialism. The goal of a good spiritual school is to have you get all of your centers in balance. Then you will function well in all dimensions.

The personality is associated with the ego, though it is not necessarily the same thing. But just as Zukav says the personality must be guided by the soul, so must the ego. The ego is not a disease to be cured of. It is an important part of what we are. We need it in the realm of matter and in spiritual depths if we are to be able to maker decisions. A person without ego must be guided like sheep. So develop a healthy personality and a healthy ego by awakening and balancing all your energy centers. Also the soul, of course.


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