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Incorruptible Light Source of Knowledge and Truth

“You, together with your offspring, are from the primeval father. Their souls come from above, out of the incorruptible light. Therefore, the authorities cannot approach them, since the spirit of truth resides in them, and all who have known this way exist deathless in the midst of dying people. … Until the moment when the true human, within a modeled form, reveals the existence of the spirit of truth that the father has sent.
“Then he will teach them about everything. And he will anoint them with the unction of life eternal, given him from the generation without a king.
“Then they will be free of blind thought. And they will trample on death, which comes from the authorities. And they will ascend into the limitless light where this offspring belongs. …
“Then all the children of the light will truly know the truth and their root and the father of all and the holy spirit. They will all say with a single voice, ‘The father’s truth is just, and the child presides over all. And from everyone, till the ages of ages, ‘Holy, holy, holy! Amen!.’”~Reality of the Rulers: Nag Hammadi Codex II

From the Father

Yes, we are from the Father. The Father being the universal consciousness, not some old man sitting on a cloud. This Father created your soul and spirit. He did not create your physical body. That is why the physical is defective. It grows old, gets sick, and eventually dies. Nothing created by God gets sick and dies.
Souls from Above
Our souls, therefore, come from “above”. In this case, above is not a physical direction. It means a higher dimension of being. The soul is from the eighth dimension. This is a dimension of spirit, not matter. It is also a dimension of light.

Incorruptible Light

The light found in spiritual dimensions originates with God. Higher consciousness is found in that light. We might even say that light is consciousness and consciousness is light. And when we absorb that higher-dimension light, we take in knowledge with it. That knowledge is divine truth. It doesn’t come from a book. Nor is it the opinions of anyone. It is absolute truth. We can access that light anywhere. But the best way to tap into that light is to turn to the spiritual sun. That should be done at sunrise, or shortly after.
This light is incorruptible because it cannot be affected by the opinions, beliefs, and prejudices of men. There is another place where such “knowledge” is stored, but it isn’t in the incorruptible light of truth. This light comes from The Source, which most of us call God, so is not corruptible. Continue reading “Incorruptible Light Source of Knowledge and Truth”

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Spiritual Depths and Heights, As Above, So Below

“The soul is. It has no beginning and no end but flows towards wholeness. … The personality does not operate independently from the soul. To the extent that a person is in touch with spiritual depths, the personality is soothed because the energy of consciousness is focused on its energy core and not on its artificial facade, which is the personality.” the personality sometimes appears as a force running rampant in the world with no attachment o the energy of its soul. This situation can be the origin of what we call an evil human being, and it can be the origin of a schizophrenic human being. It is the result of the personality being unable to find its reference point, or connection, to its mothership, which is its soul.” ~Gary Zukav

No Beginning and No End

There are two things that can be meant when Zukav says the soul has no beginning and no end. First, it means the soul exists outside of time. It was never born. It will never die. Second, it also exists outside the realm of space. So in terms of space, there is no starting point or ending position of the soul. It is everywhere, always. It concentrates, in a sense, within out physical body, but is in no way limited by it.

Spiritual Depths

When the spirit and soul is awakened, we are in touch with “spiritual depths”. They are not depths in the sense of being deep within us, although going within may help us contact the depths. They are actually higher dimensions of reality, or higher levels of consciousness. We attune ourselves to them by raising our frequencies and our level of consciousness.

It is true that our spirit and soul are soothed by contact with these higher levels of being. The personality may also be soothed if it has a well-maintained connection with the soul. Without that connection, you can have a happy soul in a neurotic personality. Continue reading “Spiritual Depths and Heights, As Above, So Below”

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Learn Good to Do Good and Think Good

“The ability to learn, to think, to perform good actions, to love, are good instruments that you must use to get back into Paradise.

“What you learn, think, and love matters a lot. There is higher knowledge and there is lower knowledge, there is right thinking and there is wrong thinking, there is Love toward God and there is Love of lower things. You determine where you want to be.

“He who wants to be a good student must set right his distorted mind and heart. The good students sets right the distorted trends of his mind and feelings. …

“Your first task is to give way to the positive in yourself. … Free your mind from negative thoughts and your heart from negative feelings.” ~Biensa Douno

Think and Learn Good

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, we have been taught things that are not true. Because of that, learning and thinking good is not as easy as it sounds. But it can be done. First, you simply have to try. If you don’t even try to do good, you probably won’t. Second, you have to learn to trust your intuition. Somebody may tell you something is good, but if your intuition says no, don’t do it. At some point, you can awaken your spirit and soul. They can be trusted to know right from wrong, good from evil. And yes, evil does exist.

Learn Good

It is great to learn new things. It is much better to learn good. Learning how to murder people in a hundred ways is learning, but the wrong kind. We see terrorist groups kidnapping children and teaching them to be murderers. Because they are children, they learn well. And it is hard to unlearn those things later. Teaching children such things is a great wrong.

Even for those who are not spiritually awakened and haven’t earned to listen to their intuition, it is possible to do good most of the time. Any act of kindness is good. And that doesn’t just mean being kind to friends and relatives. It doesn’t even mean being kind only to those you agree with. We need to show kindness to all. The sun shines on all, not just a particular religion or political party. Continue reading “Learn Good to Do Good and Think Good”

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Eternal Life with No Birth and No Death

“The Nature of No-Birth and No-Death The cloud cannot become nothing. It is possible for a cloud to become rain or snow or hail. But it’s not possible for a cloud to become nothing. That’s why the view of annihilation is a wrong view. If you’re a scientist and you think that after the disintegration of this body you are no longer there—you become nothing, you pass from being to nonbeing—then you are not a very good scientist, because your view goes against the evidence. … A cloud has not come from nothing. A cloud always comes from something. So there is no birth; there is only a continuation. That is the nature of everything: no-birth, no-death. The eighteenth-century French scientist Antoine Lavoisier declared, “Rien ne se crée, rien ne se perd” (Nothing is created, nothing is lost). Lavoisier saw the same truth that the Buddha saw, that nothing is born and nothing dies. Our true nature is no-birth and no-death. Only when we touch our true nature can we transcend the fear of nonbeing, the fear of annihilation.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

No Birth

Thich Nhat Hanh has an unusual interpretation of what birth and death means. Most of us say that when an egg hatches and a chicken pops out, that chicken has just been born. Hanh says that is not true because the chicken existed as an egg before that. And before the egg, it was something else. So while his belief in no-birth is correct, so is the conventional belief in birth and death. That is possible because most of us have a different definition of birth and death than Hanh does. He is interpreting birth as an arrival from complete nonexistence. By that definition, there is no birth, only change. But most of us think of a major change in form as birth. That is especially true when what we think of as none-living matter becomes a living plant or animal. Things can get confusing, however, when we have to deal with beings that go through metamorphosis as part of their life. Does the caterpillar die to give birth to the butterfly? Most would say “No,” but by the standard definition of birth, the butterfly was born, so the caterpillar must have died.

My personal feeling is that Hahn is correct, though not exactly for the reasons he states. I think all being are immortal because all beings have a spirit. Since spirits exist outside the confines of time and space, they are immortal. Therefore, they are never born and never die. Eternal life exists for the spirit and soul, not for the body. Continue reading “Eternal Life with No Birth and No Death”