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“Compare this esoteric tenet with the Gnostic doctrine found in ‘Pistis-Sophia’ (Knowledge = Wisdom), in which treatise Sophia Achamoth is shown lost in the waters of Chaos (matter) on her way to Supreme Light, and Christos delivering and helping her on the right Path. Note well, ‘Christos’ with the Gnostics meant the impersonal principal, the Atman of the Universe, and the Atma within every man’s soul—not Jesus.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Mystery Schools and the Gnostics

It is true that there is much in common between the Gnostics and the ancient mystery schools. His should not be a surprise. There is only one truth. You can make up all the false “truths” you want, but that doesn’t make them real. Mo matter who taps into the fountain of wisdom and truth, what they find there is the same. So while superficial ceremonies may have differed, the teaching of all the ancient schools were identical.

Knowledge and Wisdom

One of the tenets that is found in all the ancient spiritual schools, and a few modern ones, is that wisdom comes from truth and knowledge. Not just any knowledge. Not the knowledge found in books. Only the knowledge accessed from spiritual realms by an awakened soul can truly qualify as wisdom. Opinion can never be considered wisdom.

Lost in Matter

Sophia isn’t the only one lost in “the waters of Chaos (matter)”. It is a problem for nearly all of us. Sophia escaped the Chaos by heading toward the Supreme Light. This is a lesson for all of us to learn. She didn’t escape by turning inward. Neither did she escape by just being herself and not caring about others. Only by heading toward the Supreme Light did she escape the traps of matter. Likewise, the only way we can escape is to head for that Supreme Light.

And if that Light helps us escape from matter, it cannot be matter. It cannot be material light. It has to be spiritual light. The Supreme Light comes to us through the Spiritual Sun. But it doesn’t just happen. We have to want it. We have to turn toward the spiritual sun. This should be done when we are filled with love and humility. Otherwise, we can’t absorb the energy it sends.

Christ Helping

As Blavatsky correctly notes, Christ (or Christos) does not mean the man Jesus who was a Christ, but the Christ Force or Christ Consciousness that is available to each and every one of us. It can be found by an awakened soul. It illuminate the awakened soul with wisdom and knowledge. The second coming is not about the return of Jesus, but the realization of the Christ Force and the gaining of Christ Consciousness. Few have accomplished that. But now that we are in the age of the Sun of Righteousness, it is easier to do so. Gnostics are Christians because they follow the teachings of Christ and because they awaken their Christ within. A lot different from most Christian who worship Jesus and don’t do anything to awaken their own Christ Consciousness to infinite wisdom and knowledge.


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