unclouded mind

“Wouldst thou with unclouded mind
View the laws by God designed
Lift thy steadfast gaze on high
to the starry canopy;
See in rightful league of love
All the constellation move.
Fiery Sol in full career,
Ne’re obstructs cold Phoebe’s sphere;
When the Bear at heaven’s height,
Wheels his coursers’ rapid flight,
Though he sees the starry train
Sinking to the western main,
He repines not, nor desires
in the flood to quench his fires. …

“But through this connected frame
Runs one universal aim;
Towards the Good do all things tend,
Many paths, but one the end.
For naught lasts, unless it turns
Backwards in its course, and yearns
To that Source to flow again
Whence its being first was ta’en.”

With Unclouded Mind

If we want to know truth, we have to have an unclouded mind. That means that we first have to rid ourselves of ll false beliefs and limitations. We can’t learn what is real when we wear blinders. We can’t see what is really happening on the stage through all the smoke and mirrors. cleansing the clouded mind is necessary. One by one, we have to empty the clouded mind of assumptions and beliefs.

God’s Law

Law exists at three levels. On the lowest level is man’s law. Above man’s law is Nature’s law. Man can try to pass laws that oppose those of Nature, but it always causes problems. At the highest level is God’s Law Any attempt to override God’s Law with man’s law is foolish. It just won’t work. On the other hand, God can and will change the laws of the universe when it suits His purpose to do so. Many spiritual groups and school advise us to look within to learn God’s law. Boethius seems to disagree with that.

Look To the Sun and Stars

Boethius tells us to look to the stars with that unclouded mind. Especially, look to Sol, our sun, which is the star closest to us. Throughout the ages, men have looked to the sun for truth and wisdom. Fools laugh it off and call it sun worship without ever seriously investigating.

Those who do look to the sun with an unclouded mind that is ready to learn soon see and feel the wisdom of it. Yes, the spirit and soul we wish to awaken is within us, in a sense. But the energy need to awaken and nourish them comes from outside. It comes from the sun. More specifically, it comes from the spiritual sun.

Universal Aim

I’m not sure I can agree with Boethius that the universal aim for all of us is to do good. I know that the majority of people who do evil things actually believe at the time that they are doing good. But I think there are a small number of people who are well aware that they are doing evil. They delight in doing evil. I can agree that it is the aim of God and the Universe to get us all back on the path of the good. Some of us aid in that goal. Other resist with all their might.

Back to the Source

Many people feel there is something missing in their lives. Greedy people mistakenly think it is more material goods and try to collect as much as possible. In doing so, they deprive other, but don’t seem to care. Others think it is in social things. Neither is correct.

Deep down in all of us is a craving to return home, to return to the Source. We were not created on the physical plane out of nothing. We have an immortal spirit and soul that came from the world of spirit. They want to return to spiritual levels of reality. Being in a land of matter is like being a fish out of water to them. Unfortunately for most of us, these spiritual faculties can’t communicate well with the physical brain-mind. So the mind either doesn’t get the message at all, or thinks we crave something material rather than spiritual. We need to work to create a link between them. That is done by awakening those spiritual faculties. We also do it by developing that unclouded mind.


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