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“Desiring to follow closely the divine leading, I expressed to you the other day, sole sentiments you were not able to receive. I perceived at once, that on account of your resistance, I could say no more. From this experience although painful as regards yourself, I learned the extreme delicacy of the spirit that seeks to aid others; and the strength of man’s freedom to oppose this operation. I realized, also, my inability to act of myself; for as soon as the spirit in me was silent, I had nothing to say. I had, however, the extreme satisfaction of knowing that this good spirit alone conducted me.” ~Madam Guyon

Lead to Water

The old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” The spiritual version of this is that you can point a friend or relative toward the path of awakening and eventual enlightenment, but you can’t make them follow the path. They must decide on their own when they are ready. We may desire to aid others, but there isn’t much we can do if they don’t want it.

Even those who say they are ready for spiritual development, but are following what you know to be a false path, will be reluctant to listen to you. The usual answer they have been taught by these fly-by-night schools is, “There is no one path, we must each follow our own path”. That is like saying rain surgeon doesn’t need to follow certain procedures, or learn certain techniques. He can just wing it, and eventually someone he treats will be cured. Perhaps, but why not learn to do it right from the beginning?

But we usually can’t change any of those people, so we must just accept that the path is only for those who are truly ready for it. It isn’t for those who are fed up with materialism and are looking for some alternative. It isn’t for those who are depressed and are looking for some magic elixir to make them happy all the time. The path is for those who truly desire spiritual growth and development, and will work hard and sacrifice much to get it.

Delicacy of the Spirit

I think that what Madam Guyon means when she says she learned of the “extreme delicacy of the spirit that seeks to aid others,” is that once we are spiritually awakened, we want so much to aid others do the same, that we are hurt when they are not interested. I think, however, that this hurt is really on a mental level, not a spiritual one. Still, that disappointment may lead you to question your own involvement in the spiritual. Don’t let it! That is exactly what the dark forces want.

Strength to Oppose

as Madam Guyon notes, the strength of man to resist spiritual growth is great. Although it is the best thing we can do to help ourselves, many resist. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only do individuals resist, so do institutions. Schools, governments, and sadly even the churches that have lost the way resist real spiritual development. That is why spiritual development isn’t a game for the weak and bored. You need to be strong to succeed at it.

Nothing to Say

This is a problem that some have when they become spiritual. When they are around people who are not interested in spiritual growth, they have noting to say. Small talk is no longer of any interest to them. But we still need to function on the physical level, so try to be part of it. It doesn’t help the cause to become totally withdrawn from social activity. It just makes others believe that spiritual people are weird and antisocial.

The Other Side

There is another side of this resistance to spiritual growth that is rarely mentioned. That is those who jump at the chance to become part of it, but are not the least bit serious about it. A few of these people may be allowed in because they will eventually learn enough to take it seriously. Most, however, must be gently sent away. Their lack of dedication brings a low vibration to the group that they don’t need.

What We Can Do

While it may be impossible to help some people grow, we can aid others in general ways. We can help bring more light into the world. The more light there is, the more people will awaken. We can send out light and energy full of thoughts of love, peace, and a desire for spiritual growth. We may be helping total strangers rather than friends. That, however, is usually how it must be. So aid others whoever they are and however you can. We grow best when we grow together.


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