Cravings and Attachments Come From Fear

“If we have fear, we can’t be completely happy. If we’re still running after the object of our desire, then we still have fear. Fear goes together with craving. We want to be safe and happy, so we begin to crave a particular person or object or idea (such as wealth or fame) that we think will guarantee our well-being. We can never fully satisfy our craving, so we keep running and we stay scared. If you stop running after the object of your craving—whether it’s a person, a thing, or an idea—your fear will dissipate. Having no fear, you can be peaceful. With peace in your body and mind, you aren’t beset by worries, and in fact you have fewer accidents. … Fear spoils our lives and makes us miserable. We cling to objects and people, like a drowning person clings to any object that floats by. By practicing nonattachment and sharing this wisdom with others, we give the gift of nonfear. Everything is impermanent. This moment passes. The object of our craving walks away, but we can know happiness is always possible.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh


We generally don’t relate cravings to fear, with a few exception. A craving for peace relates to a fear of war. Craving health relates to a fear of illness and death. But we don’t think of most cravings as being about fear.

But any craving can be connected to a fear, either directly or indirectly. A craving for chocolate may have developed out of a craving for food which comes from a fear of starvation. A craving for expensive clothing may come from a fear of poverty. A constant desire for entertainments like concerts and movies may be hiding a fear of facing reality.

Legitimate Cravings

There are cravings that are good. When your body craves water, for example. Or when you realize that materialism is empty and start to crave something more. Craving something your body actually needs isn’t wrong. Craving those things we don’t need, and which often harm us, is wrong. We all have cravings though. Continue reading “Cravings and Attachments Come From Fear”

holy spirit, Essence of Man

Holy Spirit and the Knowledge it Brings

“As in the case of the prophets, the Spirit wrought in them and taught them, and was within them, and appeared to them outwardly, so with Adam. The Spirit, when it pleased Him, was with him and taught him, and suggested, ‘Speak thus’ and he aid it. For the word was all things to him, and so long as he abode in the commandment he was a friend of God. And yet why should we be surprised if in spite of such conditions of existence he transgressed the commandment? Those who have been filled with the Holy Ghost still have the thoughts of nature, and have the will to comply with them. Thus Adam, though present with God in paradise transgressed of himself by his own will, and obeyed the evil side. Still, even after the transgression, he had knowledge.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Holy Spirit in Them

It seems clear to me that when Macarius says the saints had the Spirit in them, it means the same as when he says they are filled with the Holy Ghost. Both refer to the awakening of one’s own spirit and soul.

When spiritual teachers speak about having the spirit within, however, many get the idea that it exists within us, and only within us. That is simply not true. First, simply because something is within us doesn’t mean it isn’t also outside of us. Second, spirits, including the Holy Ghost, exist outside of the limits of time and space. So they are everywhere at the same time. Remember, Hermes said “As above, so below, as within, so without.” He didn’t say it was all within ourselves.

Spirit Taught Them

The Holy Spirit teaches us in an indirect way only. When the spiritual light of the spiritual sun awakens our soul, it has access to all the truth and knowledge of the universe. That doesn’t mean it knows everything at once.

When you get a library card, you don’t suddenly know everything that is in the library books. You have to read the books to learn. Likewise, the great knowledge and truth found in the spiritual realms comes through to us a little at a time so we won’t be overwhelmed by it. Continue reading “Holy Spirit and the Knowledge it Brings”

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Two Lights for Total Being: Physical and Spiritual

“I do not say that a man should search and learn nothing in natural arts and science. No, such knowledge is useful to him. But a man must not begin with his OWN reason. Man ought not only to govern his life by the light of outward reason, which is good in itself; but should sink with that light into the deepest humility before God, and set the Spirit and Will of God foremost in all his searching, so that the Light of Reason may see and know things through the Light of God. And though reason may be very wise in its own sphere, and help a man to much knowledge, yet it must not arrogate such wisdom and knowledge to itself, as if they were in its own possession, but give the glory thereof to God, to whom alone all Wisdom and Knowledge belongs.” ~Jacob Boehme

Two Lights

Yes, there are two lights. Or more accurately, two types of light. There is material or physical light, and there is spiritual light.

Material light is obvious. We all know about it. This light can now be divided into two sub-groups. There is natural light which comes mostly from the sun and the stars. Some think it comes from the moon also, but the moon doesn’t give off light, it just reflects the light of the sun. Lesser sources of natural light include fire, fireflies (also called lightning bugs in some areas), and other bio-luminescent life forms. This light is essential for our physical body, but it does little for the spirit and soul.

Spiritual light is different in two ways. It is different frequencies from physical light. Perhaps not frequencies in the physical sense, but something similar. It originates in higher dimensions. It originates with God. Because of that, the information carried in that light is spiritual or divine in nature. So if spiritual growth is our goal, this is the light we need to turn to. But we still need physical light. We need two lights for the two sides of our total being.

All light carries knowledge or information within it. This is a long-held spiritual belief that is now accepted by the science of Quantum Physics. Continue reading “Two Lights for Total Being: Physical and Spiritual”

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Aid Others With Their Spiritual Growth

“Desiring to follow closely the divine leading, I expressed to you the other day, sole sentiments you were not able to receive. I perceived at once, that on account of your resistance, I could say no more. From this experience although painful as regards yourself, I learned the extreme delicacy of the spirit that seeks to aid others; and the strength of man’s freedom to oppose this operation. I realized, also, my inability to act of myself; for as soon as the spirit in me was silent, I had nothing to say. I had, however, the extreme satisfaction of knowing that this good spirit alone conducted me.” ~Madam Guyon

Lead to Water

The old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” The spiritual version of this is that you can point a friend or relative toward the path of awakening and eventual enlightenment, but you can’t make them follow the path. They must decide on their own when they are ready. We may desire to aid others, but there isn’t much we can do if they don’t want it.

Even those who say they are ready for spiritual development, but are following what you know to be a false path, will be reluctant to listen to you. The usual answer they have been taught by these fly-by-night schools is, “There is no one path, we must each follow our own path”. That is like saying rain surgeon doesn’t need to follow certain procedures, or learn certain techniques. He can just wing it, and eventually someone he treats will be cured. Perhaps, but why not learn to do it right from the beginning?

But we usually can’t change any of those people, so we must just accept that the path is only for those who are truly ready for it. It isn’t for those who are fed up with materialism and are looking for some alternative. It isn’t for those who are depressed and are looking for some magic elixir to make them happy all the time. The path is for those who truly desire spiritual growth and development, and will work hard and sacrifice much to get it. Continue reading “Aid Others With Their Spiritual Growth”