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“According to Weishaupt’s ideas, the main object of true religion was to lift man up to a higher conception of his true nature and destiny, and thereby bring him to a realization of this higher state of human dignity. This could not be accomplished by force, but merely by the spreading of knowledge, displacing error and superstition. He taught that if men could once realize the necessity of virtue and be all united in brotherly love, immorality, vice, degradation, and poverty would cease to exist. …

“He furthermore attempted to prove that true (esoteric) Christianity was not a popular religion for the vulgar, but that it was a system of philosophy, given in symbols, comprehendable only to those who were far enough advanced to be instructed in it.” ~Franz Hartmann

True Religion

It is really quite sad that so many members of spiritual groups on social media think that being spiritual means you oppose all organized religion. A commonly expressed view is that religion is someone telling you about their spiritual experiences while spirituality is having them yourself. That is true of most of the popular churches of today but not all. And n the distant past, it was often quite different.

The priests of ancient Egypt didn’t just preach to the people. They taught students how to develop their own spiritual nature. Greeks who studied under them took the same methods and teaching to Greece. From Greece they spread to Rome and most of Europe. Yes, there were phony churches and religions of idolatry back then, but there were also true churches and true religion. And some still exist today, though they are often secret to protect them from interference by the politicians.

True Nature and Destiny

The true nature and destiny of man is spiritual. In fact, we are spiritual even know. By that I mean that even when we are in physical form, we have a spirit. It may be hidden and dormant, but it is there. And it is our destiny to awaken our spirit and soul and develop them. If we don’t do that, we essentially waste our one life in physical form.

Higher State

It is easy to use terms like “Higher levels of consciousness,” but what does it really mean. Real higher states of consciousness are spiritual. Therefore, the only way to achieve them is by awakening and developing out spirit and soul. We do that by taking in the high frequency energy and light from the spiritual sun. This is what true religion and spirituality is all about.

Spreading Knowledge

Yes, man does reach a higher state of consciousness by spreading knowledge. But this spreading of knowledge must be done in the correct way, a spiritual way. Just reading books won’t do it. Attending classes alone will not get us that knowledge.

We gain that higher knowledge by absorbing the spiritual light that contains the knowledge and truth. That is why true spiritual schools don’t teach truth and divine knowledge. Instead, they teach us how to access that knowledge through absorption of that Divine Light.

Once we have that knowledge in us, we do the same. We do not attempt to teach it directly to others, but instead teach them how to access it. That is the way it always has been. That is the way it always must be.

This is what true religion does. This is what real religion is all about. It isn’t developing social skills and responsibility, although those are good things to have. It isn’t about making you a good servant of the state. Real religion,which does exist, helps us gain that real knowledge and develop our spiritual selves.


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