sublime idea, Spring watering the soul

“A Great, Sublime idea can only be born out of the bond between two intelligent beings. This is the Law. We need to have a connection with God for sublime idea to arise within us. All thoughts that flow through the mind, all feelings and desires that flow through the heart come from a great wellspring. This wellspring ins the soul. The wellspring of the soul is fed by an even greater Wellspring. This is the Divine Spirit. This wellspring of the Divine Spirit is fed by a still greater wellspring that is the Absolute Unknown, the Spirit of Creation.

“Every thought that brings the essence of love to the human soul comes from God. Every thought that brings the Light of Wisdom comes from God. … The freedom of truth to the human soul comes from God.” ~Biensa Douno

A Sublime Idea

Yes, a great idea can come only from the bond between two intelligent beings. But one of those beings must be of a higher form. While two humans can inspire each other, it isn’t the same thing. A Sublime idea must come from a higher being. It must come from an angel, a Light Being, or God Himself. Sublime thought doesn’t flow uphill anymore than water does. If goes from the higher being to the lower. We often recognize this in the arts when a great artist is said to be inspired by a mysterious “muse”.

Wellspring of the Soul

Yes, the soul is a wellspring of truth and knowledge. It is not because all knowledge and truth are in the soul, but because the soul connects to the Source. Through the soul, we are connected to everything. The wellspring of the Soul connects us to all beings, every place, and every time.

That may not sound like a description of your soul as it exists today. That is for one of two reasons. Either you haven’t awakened it yet and it remains in a dormant state, or it has awakened but is not communicating well with your mind. You need not be too concerned if it is the second case. Your brain-mind really doesn’t need to know everything the soul knows. On the other hand, if your soul still lies dormant, you need to start making the effort to awaken it.

A Greater Wellspring

The soul is awakened by a greater wellspring, a more powerful one. This greater wellspring awakens and feeds the soul. It also connects it to the highest wellspring. This wellspring is the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. Think about it. The sun is millions of times bigger than you are. Isn’t it logical that it has a much more powerful spirit and soul?

The Greatest Wellspring

The spiritual sun doesn’t originate that light and energy any more than we do. It comes from and even higher wellspring. That highest soul is what most call God. It feeds Divine Light to the spiritual sun and the spirits of all other stars. This light, modified somewhat, is than sent to our individual souls. But if we turn away from that light, or block it, it will have little or no effect. We have to seek the light, embrace the light. Then we awaken and truly become part of the light.


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