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“What does it mean to love? To love means to serve, to give. Love and do not worry about the consequences.

“Master your Love, Wisdom, and Truth without making mistakes the same way the musician masters his skill of playing his instrument. Once he becomes a grand master, he makes no mistakes.

“Which man is full of love? A man whose soul, spirit, mind, and heart are under the full influence of love. …

“The manifestation of God connects you with Love. Your connection with Love is the most important connection you have.

Law: if you love people, you are doing good to yourself. If you don’t love them, you harm yourself.” ~Biensa Douno

Serve Love

Those who love will serve other. Those who serve others voluntarily are demonstrating love. Spiritual people love to serve and serve love to all. This doesn’t mean that spiritual people accept evil behavior in others. It means we understand that the behavior is due to that person being under the influence of evil forces or beings, usually without being aware of it. You wouldn’t refuse to love a person because they had a physical disease. The awakened person will think of the evil behavior as a type of disease on the mental or spiritual level, and love the person anyway.

Master Love and Wisdom

Douno makes a good point here. The greatest violinist in the world probably made horrid noise with it the first time he tried to play one. With practice, practice, and more practice, he gradually become better until he mastered the instrument.

Likewise, the person developing her spiritual nature is not going to be perfect at it the first time. Or the second. You have to have enough patience to continue practicing those spiritual development techniques until you get good enough at it to see results.

It’s sad to see posts on social media spiritual groups that say something like, “I’m new at the spiritual stuff. Can you tell me how to become awakened by tomorrow?”. What is perhaps even sadder are the ones who reply with, “We are all spiritually awakened already,” or “If you want it, you already have it”.

If spiritual awakening was an overnight thing, the great mystery schools of Pythagoras, Plato, and others would never have existed. Those schools helped people awaken gradually, just as the music teacher helps the budding musician learn to play the instrument gradually. No one would ask, “Where can I get a master’s degree in business management by tomorrow?. Everyone would recognize the question as ridiculous. Spiritual development is no different. Just because it is spiritual, doesn’t mean there is no work involved.

Manifestation of God

The idea of manifestation has become popular in recent years. Everyone is trying to learn how to manifest whatever they want. Few succeed for various reasons. But I don’t think that is quite what Douno means by “manifesting God”. Obviously, we can’t create our own God. If we could, we would be greater than God, and He wouldn’t be God at all. I think what he means is awakening God within us. In other words, awakening our immortal soul which links us to God. It is even said that the divine soul is a part of God. But we don’t manifest God, we link to God, we communicate with God. When we serve love, we can manifest god by awakening our spiritual faculties.

Good and Harm

Douno has hit the nail with his law regarding Love. It seems to some that denying their love to others will hurt that person in some way. In truth, it is just the opposite. When we deny love to others, we harm ourselves. We do that by shutting down channels of energy and communication between us and others. That is usually a bad idea. The only time to shut down those channels is when we find ourselves in the presence of an energy vampire who sucks up energy from others, but gives nothing of his own energy.

And you do benefit yourself when you give love to others because that opens those channels wide and lets you take in more energy. It also benefits the person you are showing love to, of course. When we serve love, we share energy with others. Knowledge too, although that is usually on the subconscious level.


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