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“Some, through a prosperity unworthy borne, have been hurled headlong to ruin; to some the power of the sword has been committed, to the end that the good may be tried by discipline, and the bad punished. For while there can be no peace between the righteous and the wicked, neither can the wicked agree among themselves. How should they, when each is at variance with himself, because the vices rend his conscious, and oftentimes they do things which, when they are done, they judge ought not to have been done. Hence it is that this supreme providence brings to pass this notable marvel—that the bad make the bad good. For some, when they see the injustice which they themselves suffer, … return to the ways of virtue.” ~Boethius

Prosperity Unworthy

There is a lot of talk to about manifesting and the law of attraction. It gets posted about regularly on every social media spiritual group. Besides the fact that material prosperity has nothing to do with becoming spiritual, there is a problem with this kind of thinking that is never mentioned by its promoters. The problem is that if you manifest things or money that you haven’t earned, you will be billed for it. And when the bill collector shows up, you may not like the way he choose to collect the debt.

For probably thousands of years, people have looked for ways to get financial and material success without working for it. If it worked long-term, why do we still have so many poor people? It isn’t simple because the overwhelming majority of us can’t get the hang of doing manifesting properly. It is because deep down we know that in Satan’s realm of matter, there are no free rides. What may seem to be free, is simply purchased on credit. Yes, God wants us to do well. But He wants us to work for it also.

Hurled to Ruin

We do see people who have gained wealth they didn’t deserve lose it, or lose something else to pay for it, like their health or the death of a child. Yet many ignore that and look only at the sleazeball who continues to rob people blind all his life and dies wealthy. That person gets the greatest punishment of all. He has given up his immortal soul to the devil and will find after death that it was a great price to pay for some temporary comfort.

Tried or Punished

Some note that bad things happen to good people as well. Sometimes, this is because they are not as good as they outwardly appear to be. Other times, though, it is because they are being tried. Much as we have to lift heavy weights to make our muscles grow, our character is often a stimulated to grow through dealing with adversity.

God’s Divine Plan requires workers. Those who are not afraid to work hard and long. Such people often have to be developed. So that is why the good face problems also.

Wicked VS Wicked

It is true that the wicked turn against each other. That is, in fact, one way of knowing a evil person. They may be your friend one day. Another day, when they find it will benefit them to do so, they will turn on you in a heartbeat. Prosperity to them means you don’t worry about how your greed affects others. Good people do not turn on each other, in any circumstances. The spiritual person understands that you don’t cut off your arm because it is diseases, except in the most extreme cases. Instead, you try to cure it. Likewise, they try to cure the evil in the world by replacing it with truth and love.

Bad Made Good

It is also true, as Boethius says, that sometimes the evil people change their ways when they become the victim of other’s evil deeds. So feeling themselves the sting of such behavior, they change their ways. There is also another part of this.

Some might say that if the wicked deeds of one evil person caused another to change his way,they can’t we say that that person did a good deed also? The answer is no. The deed may have triggered a change in the other evil person, but the deed itself remains evil. So even if an evil deed ends up indirectly causing some good, it is still an evil deed.

And in the end, the only real and lasting prosperity is the developing of the immortal soul.


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