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Go Out to God, Go Out to Truth

“In four ways the enlightened man is invited and urged to go out. The first going out shall be towards God and towards all saints. The second going out shall be towards sinners and towards all perverted men. The third going out shall be towards purgatory; and the fourth towards himself and towards all good men. …

“This man shall go out and observe God is His glory with all saints. And he shall behold the rich and generous outflow of God. …

“This flowing forth of God always demands a flowing back, for God is a Sea that ebbs and flows, pouring without ceasing into all His beloved according to the need and the merits of each.” ~Jacob Boehme

Urged to Go Out

A common misunderstanding among spiritual students today is that when spiritual gurus and masters say we must turn within to solve our spiritual problems, that we should ONLY look within for all solution and all truth. This is a complete misunderstanding. Yes, we do need to look within. But we need just as much to look without. Possibly more. Remember, Hermes said, “As above, so below, as within, so without”. And it is just the nature if man that we discover some things by looking within, others by looking without.

Go Out To God

The first place to turn to for wisdom and truth should be God himself. Not a preacher, not a saint, God. God is the source and if we want to know what life is all about, we should turn to the source.

If you’re looking for an old man sitting on a cloud and shooting lightning bolts at bad people, you won’t find him. That god exists only in the minds of men who can’t comprehend something so much bigger and so different from what they are. But if you look for the real God with an open mind, you will find Him. Continue reading “Go Out to God, Go Out to Truth”

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Spiritual Discipline in a Spiritual School

“All men within the Brotherhood are to be taught to live by these ordinances, which provide for the discipline of the spirit:

  • Men shall be made to abstain from all manner of wickedness and hold fast to all that is good. They shall become speakers of Truth and followers of uprightness, and justice shall be upheld in their hands. …
  • There are guides upon the path, guideposts and places of rest and shelter for the weary. …
  • The Master shall admit into the brotherhood all who have, by diligent study and rigid self-rule, established themselves. They shall become one with those who climb the steps, and find their appointed place.
  • The Master shall instruct them in the School of Light and life, revealing to them all the secrets of their nature and the manner of the Soul’s release.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:20:1-5)

Spiritual Discipline

Discipline is indeed an important thing for all spiritual students to develop. The spiritual path is not an easy one. Those who lack discipline will either give up or be led astray by dark beings and forces. This is why the Essenes and most ancient mystery schools took in students on a trial basis for the first two or three years. During that period they were taught only limited spiritual techniques. But they were taught self-discipline and observed. If they were unable to discipline themselves, they would be denied permanent membership and access to the higher teachings.

Abstain from Wickedness

This can be a difficult rule to follow. Not because we lack spiritual discipline, but because what is or isn’t wicked varies depending on who you ask. New spiritual students must rely on the teachers and elders for guidance in this. Eventually, they will be guided by their own awakened intuition.

Speakers of Truth

A truly spiritual person does not repeat rumors or opinions. At least not those involving spiritual development. He shares with others only that which he knows to be true. And then he is very selective with who he shares that information with. Continue reading “Spiritual Discipline in a Spiritual School”

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Multi-Sensory Humans in a Five Sense World

“We are evolving from five-sensory humans into multi-sensory humans. Out five senses, together, form a single sensory system that is designed to perceive physical reality. The perceptions of a multi-sensory human extend beyond physical reality to the larger dynamical systems of which our physical reality is a part. …

“We, as a species, have been asking the questions, ‘Is there a God?’, “Is there a Divine Intelligence?’, and ‘Is there a purpose to life?’, for as long as we have been able to articulate questions. The time has now come for us to expand into a frame of reference that allows these questions to be answered.” ~Gary Zukav

Multi-sensory Humans

In a sense, it is true that a kind of evolutionary process is taking place today that is awakening us to a greater perception of reality. But this is not all that new. St. Francis and Jacob Boehme awakened to it hundreds of years ago. Jesus and Buddha used it thousands of years ago. But today it is not just the one in ten million who is awakening. It is more like one is ten thousand.

Of course, the number of people trying to awaken, or pretending they already have, is more like one in 500. But pretending doesn’t make it real and it is clear from the things most of these people post on social media that they are not awakened and are not yet Multi-sensory people.

Beyond Five Senses

Usually when people speak of going beyond the five physical senses, it is assumed that they are talking about psychic abilities generally called the sixth sense. But it is clear (to me anyway) that what Zukav is talking about is spiritual senses, which is another level beyond and above the psychic. These senses are in the spirit and soul. We can’t make use of them, however, if we allow those spiritual faculties to lie dormant. So the first step to becoming a multi-sensory person is to awaken those faculties. And once awakened, they must be continually developed. Just like the body and mind, they don’t develop themselves.

Physical Reality

The physical universe is part of reality. But there is much more to the universe than the physical. What Zukav doesn’t mention in the quote is that the physical “reality” is illusion. It is something real. But the reality of it is far different from what it appears to be. Solid,liquid, gas are really all just different frequencies of light. Everything is just frequencies or nodes of light and energy. The solid universe of matter is just slowed-down light. Part of the task of the spiritual people is to speed it up again until it returns to its original state of spirit. Continue reading “Multi-Sensory Humans in a Five Sense World”