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“When we say that people should lead pure, sacred and wise lives, we have in mind that they should tap the appropriate energies of the Sun. The more inspired the person, the greater the capacity to make contact with the Spiritual energies of the Sun.

“The most luminous thought, the most sublime feeling and the most beautiful action have the first ray of the Sun within themselves, the first ray which penetrates the human soul.

“If, in the rising of the Sun, in the blossoming of the flowers, in the flowing of the river, in the relations between people, we see the presence of God, then that is the correct look.

“The future houses would be made of glass. The ultra-violet rays of the Sun would pass through them and these houses would be hygienic for that reason.” ~Biensa Douno

Sacred Lives

Douno says that a sacred life is all about taping into “the appropriate energies of the Sun”. I emphasized “appropriate,” because simply looking at the sun isn’t enough. Many are practicing some form of sun gazing these days, but it is mostly just gazing at the material sun for physical benefits. Douno rightly emphasizes that what we need to tap into is the light of the Spiritual Sun. At least if spiritual growth is our goal.

He add that the more inspired the person is, the better able he will be to tap into that energy. This also is true. If one is truly inspired, truly desiring spiritual growth and enlightenment, he has a much better chance of tapping into those energies. A good spiritual school can also teach techniques for gazing at the sun that will allow us to gaze mostly at the spiritual sun and not harming our eyes with too much exposure to the physical sun.

Luminous Thoughts

Douno says the first ray of the Spiritual sun has the most luminous thoughts in it. The most luminous meaning the most holy, the most universal, the closest to absolute truth. But it works both ways. Those who look to that Sun with luminous thoughts are more likely to reach it. They will receive the benefits of the first ray. The rays may reach others, but have no effect on them in the way that a magnet has no effect on wood. So the more holy, the more positive our thoughts, the more we benefit from that first ray of the Spiritual Sun.

First Ray and Glass Houses

Frankly, I doubt that we will see people living in glass houses anytime soon. I do think we will see more people using large windows and skylights to let in more sun. I also think they will start using glass that doesn’t block ultraviolet light again. There will also be more use of decks, porches, and patios. For now, I personally try to sit on my deck for a while every day except in winter or when it’s storming.

Even if we do start living in glass houses, it will still be best to go outside and get that first ray at dawn directly from the sun. and remember, even if it is cloudy, the Spiritual Light of the Sun cannot be blocked by clouds. And once you get in the practice of linking to the Spiritual Sun rather than the physical, you will be able to do it at any time, day or night. Remember, spirits exist outside the limits of time and space.


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