tenants on Earth

“Consider a person who builds a nice house and rents it to some tenants who manage to ruin it within a year. I interpret this as follows: God has created the world very sensibly, but we ruin it and search for the cause outside of ourselves instead of within.

“The Law states: God loves all beings equally. But not all benefit from His love. Some are aware of this, and yet others are not. God loves human beings as much as the angels, but there is a difference: angels are aware of God’s love and are open to receiving it, but human beings are not always aware of it.

“Consider those foolish people who build a house, but put only one window in it. Others build a house with large windows through which abundant light passes. You might say, ‘Look how this person is showered with abundance.’ This is because his windows are larger.” ~Biensa Douno

Tenants on Earth

Our egotism and arrogance makes many of us forget that we are the tenants on planet Earth, not the owners. Yes, I know. We have deeds to our houses and pink slips on our cars. They prove that we own them. But deeds and pink slips are just a tool we created to feed our own fantasies of ownership. They have no effect on reality whatsoever.

Tenants in Reality

There is an even higher level than the tenants on Earth concept. The entire universe of matter is like a squatter on property it doesn’t own. Squatters, in the form of the fallen angels, created the realm of matter from the reality of spirit. Those fallen ones can claim ownership of the physical realm, but in reality, it isn’t theirs. They created it from the spiritual worlds which they do not own. It is an illusion, a distortion, of spirit. And only God owns spirit, only God creates spirit. So the squatters don’t really own the shack called matter that they have built in the land of spirit that isn’t theirs.

Considering that, even if we do have ownership to bits and pieces of the material world, it is only illusion that we are claiming to own! It is like a child saying he has a pony when he means that he colored one in a coloring book.

Tenants of Destruction

I’ve known people who bought duplex houses with the idea of being able to rent the small apartment in the back to make extra money. What often happens is similar to the home rental Douno describes in the quote. They wreck the appliances. They tear up the walls. They pack up and leave owing three months rent. And leaving the owner with thousands of dollars in necessary repairs before the place can be used again.

We all think such tenants are bad people. At least those of us who are civilized do. Yet many treat the planet the same way. They kill animals for sport. They tear down forests to build housing projects. Rarely do they consider the environmental damage they are causing by doing such things. Likewise, they rarely consider the negative karma they are earning with such acts. The Bible says we are “stewards” of the planet. A steward is one who cares for the property, the servants, and the animals. It isn’t someone who turns the whole planet into a demolition derby.

Tenants of Creation

Fortunately for all of us, there is another type of tenant on Earth. They are the Mystics, the spiritually aware. They know that the physical world is a world of illusion, yet they care for it with love. Why? Because they know there is a reality behind the illusion. Hiding in all things of matter is Divine Spirit. Nothing can exist without it, even as illusion.

Since they know this, they go beyond being mere caretakers of the world. They seek to repair it, transform it. Matter is like a disease and the mystics among us seek to cure that disease. Not by destroying it, but by turning it back into pure spirit. This they do with the spiritual Light sent from God, and with much help from God. (God could do it all Himself, of course, but He won’t interfere with our use of free will). They are not just tenants, or even stewards. They are co-creators helping create the new Golden Age. Consider joining them now. The rewards are greater than the illusions of worldly wealth.


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