spiritual secrets

“If you would know what eye has not seen nor ear heard and what has not arisen in the human heart, and who stands high above all good, swear to keep the mystery of instruction secret. Our father, who saw the good perfected in him, has kept the mysteries of silence secret. He has sworn and will not waver. Here is his oath: “I swear by the one over all, which is the Good, to keep these mysteries, to tell them to no one, and not to go from the Good back to the creation.” When you take this oath, you enter the Good and see what eye has not seen nor ear heard and what has not arisen in the human heart. You drink from the living water, the washing, the spring of living water bubbling up. ” ~Book of Baruch

Need for Secrets

There is a strong belief among many these days that there should be no secrets. Governments shouldn’t keep things secret from the people. Businesses should keep formulas and processes secret so only they can sell that product or service.

Even that much is not the great idea that it may seem to be at first. A government that can’t keep things secret could never negotiate treaties. A government that can’t develop new technologies in secret won’t bother to develop them at all. Likewise for a business that has to share all it develops with its competitors. So while an end to materialism and capitalism is desirable, until that happens, taking away the rights of governments and businesses to keep secrets is foolish.

Another reason to keep secrets is that it is dangerous to share certain information. I remember how upset many people got some years ago when a fool wrote and published a book with instruction on making bombs from easily obtained chemicals. It is obvious to those with a functioning brain that no one but a person desiring to harm others has any need to know how to build a bomb. When you write such a book, you know your customers will be terrorists and criminals. Claiming that you are not responsible for how people use the information you provide is stupid. Of course you are.

Spiritual Secrets

No one knows who the author of the Book of Baruch was, other than he was called “Jason”. It is clear, however, that he was a member of a mystery school, and probably a spiritual teacher. He understood why many teachings of the real spiritual schools, today as well as in the past, must be kept secret.

Some think that the only reason spiritual schools keep spiritual secrets is so they can make money by charging students to learn them. That is as far from the truth as you can get. At least with real spiritual schools. The purpose of protecting those secrets is twofold. First, teaching people this extraordinary information when they are not prepared to handle it can cause great harm, including madness. Even in milder cases, the truth may be so difficult to accept to those who are not ready that they will be scared off and stop trying to develop their spiritual side.

Second, spiritual schools are obligated to make every attempt to keep this powerful information out of the hands of those who would misuse it. This is the power Hitler misused that allowed him to nearly take over the world. If he had learned much more, he probably would have succeeded. Fortunately, he was blocked from learning more. It is this power that was misused by the fallen angels that caused the creation of material universe. Death, disease, destruction, all created by that one mistake. That is why such knowledge is closely guarded. Spiritual secrets are for safety, not greed.


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