governing with wisdom

“When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before man can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transformed into wisdom, superstition into an illuminated faith, and fear into love. …From age to age, the vision of a perfect civilization is preserved as the ideal for mankind. In the midst of that civilization shall stand a mighty university wherein both the sacred and secular sciences concerning the mysteries of life will be freely thought to all who assume the philosophic life. Here, creed and dogma will have no place; the superficial will be removed and only the essential be preserved.” ~Manly P. Hall


What Mr. Hall says about the type of government you get when different people rule is true. But it is true only while we live in a world where people are generally ignorant of truth. Even the well-educated remain ignorant of truth. In fact, it seems some institutes of education go out of their way to debunk anything beyond the material, and therefore, hide all truth. It seems even our top universities are more concerned with maintaining the status quo than with expanding the students’ knowledge.

Hall did leave one type of government off his list: the Oligarchy. That is, government by a select few. Today, that means the very wealthy and the giant corporations. In this system, these people pay the bills for the politicians and slip them a little for themselves as well. In exchange, they expect, and usually get. The politicians to do their bidding. This is probably the most destructive form of government. It lets the greedy take, take, take, with little regard for the consequences on the society as a whole.

Ignorance to Wisdom

As already mentioned, ignorance isn’t limited to the uneducated. If your head is full of partial truths, opinions, and outright lies, you are ignorant. So how can one turn ignorance into knowledge and wisdom? By awakening the spiritual faculties.

In nearly all of us, the spirit and soul is dormant. In extremely rare cases, they are awakened accidentally. For most of us, we need to make an effort to awaken them. Only the awakened soul can understand the world of spirit, the world of reality. Therefore, only the soul can know truth and wisdom. Only wise governing is good governing.

Illuminated Faith

In most (not all!) churches today, the priests or preachers tell you what to believe. Rarely do they provide any evidence for the truth of it. You are simply supposed to accept it because the preacher said it. This gives the preacher a great deal of power. Power which a few use wisely, but many don’t.

In an illuminated faith, the job of the priest is to help us wake up out own spiritual faculties. By doing so, we learn the truth ourselves. By knowing truth, we become wise and can govern sensibly. When we know truth, we can choose wise leaders.

Fear to Love

I’m not sure you can actually turn fear into love. You can, however, replace fear with love. While it is true that a person who has love for all cannot fear, a person who has limited love often does fear. They fear that the ones they love will be harmed by those they don’t. There are manipulative people who will gladly feed and amplify that fear to control people.

In Hall’s perfect civilization, that won’t happen. When we have awakened to the truth, we can’t help but love all. Even when we don’t like the behavior of some people, we love them. We understand the weaknesses of people and know that it doesn’t represent their true self. Knowing that we are all one, we see the weaknesses of others is also ours. We wouldn’t fear ourselves because we had an illness. We wouldn’t try to kill ourselves out of fear of those weaknesses. When we are one with the all, the same applies to how we deal with others.


Hall says the centerpiece of that perfect society is a university that teaches truth and wisdom rather than opinion and government-approved lies. He says this university will teach both true secular sciences as well as spiritual sciences.

The idea of spiritual science is a new one to many. They think being spiritual is the opposite of being scientific. It isn’t. Science is just as much applicable to the spiritual realms as it is to those of matter. Where the confusion come in is the idea that the same rules of science that apply to matter should also apply to spirit. Spirit is very different and has a different set of rules. Real scientists would take that into consideration when developing spiritual sciences. This school will, of course, teach good governing.

There are spiritual schools already. Most, however, teach only a limited kind of spiritual development. Only a few spiritual schools teach real spiritual science.


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