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“In true Gnostic fashion, the alchemists were aware that the capacity for creation and the capacity for destruction were very finely balanced – nowhere more so than in themselves. Whoever held the secret of life had a power for evil that was as great as his power for good. These were the men who ultimately understood the symbolism of the prime rule of alchemy: use only one vessel, one fire and one instrument, which is the self. Through their work they were aware of the Power of their own Being. They knew the characteristics of the Secret Fire, the serpent power that moves upward in spirals and of the great primitive force hidden in all matter both organic and inorganic.” ~Bernard Simon

Creation and Destruction

Many believe that creation and destruction go hand-in-hand. That you cannot create a new thing without destroying something else. That is not true. Real creation doesn’t destroy. Carving a statue out of rock is not creation or destruction. It is modification. The shape of the rock was changed, but noting really new was created.

On the other hand, chopping down trees to make room for houses or farms is destruction because you are replacing something living with something dead. Even if the wood from those trees is used to build the houses, you have destroyed living trees to make something artificial. That is destruction, not creation. True creation gives you something where there was previously nothing except energy.

Finely Balanced

Something many don’t understand is that natural energy, even spiritual energy, is neutral. It isn’t good or evil. The good or evil part depends on how you use that energy. If you take in that energy, and send it out to other full of thoughts of peace, love, and harmony, you are making it positive energy. But you can just as easily send forth that same energy embedded with thoughts of hate, fear, and prejudice and it will be a negative influence on those receiving it.

The Story of Two Wolves

Those energies and feelings within us may be “finely balanced” but we can choose which to use and which not to use. As the old Native American saying goes, we decide whether we will be like the good wolf or the bad wold by which one we choose to feed. As we continue to evolve, we will eventually rid ourselves of that dark side. Until then, we must be careful not to let it take control. Creation and destruction may walk hand in hand in the material world, but that can be corrected.

Secret of Life

The secret is that we can tap into that great creative power and use it. We just have to learn how. A good spiritual teacher or spiritual school can teach us. They will only teach those they believe are ready for such knowledge and will use it wisely, however.

Even after you have tapped into this vast energy, you have to continue to fine tune your ability to use it. When it is directed haphazardly, it does little good. It must be directed sharply and with great control like a laser beam. Not so much at being aided at a particular place, but being aimed for a particular purpose. And that purpose must conform with God’s Great Plan or you will lose the power and gain negative karma for misusing it.

Serpent Power

Nearly everyone who has studied spiritual growth has heard of the Kundalini serpent power that is supposed to sit at the base of the spine. The schools of Kundalini teach one to raise that energy up the spine to the head and the crown chakra. That is great as far as it goes. The problem is that most of us have only a little serpent energy to raise. We need to take in additional energy to really get any significant spiritual growth. So the alchemist thought of themselves as a vessel to be filled with that energy. And they learned that creation and destruction don’t have to coexist. When creating with the pure energy of spiritual light, no destruction happens.

So start filling yourself with energy and light. And feed the wolf of creation, not the wolf of destruction.


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