barbarian king

“The threat of the barbarian king is something upon which you shall be counseled. If you are threatened with the alternatives of death or transgressing our laws, you may transgress them within reason and the bounds of conscience. If, however, you are required to deny all that you hold to be good and true, to betray all that we hold sacred, then you must accept death for the sake of your soul.

“For the sake of the barbarians, it is perhaps best to call the Supreme Spirit “God, the God without a name.’ This will solve some difficulties, and if the barbarians think themselves superior because they contain Him within a name, let it be so and hold yourself in peace.

“Say to the barbarians, ‘as the soul of man fills his body, so does God fill his domain. As the soul surrounds and contains the body, so is it with God and his creation.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:9:7-9)

Barbarian King

Not too long ago, I think all of us felt the day of barbarian kings was over. No longer could you be killed on the whims of a royal idiot. You could not be forced to join a particular religion, or face banishment. Then Trump was elected and we learned barbarian kings can make a comeback. Foolish people forget the past way too quickly.

Sage Advice

This section of the Kolbrin Bible seems to be giving advice o the students of a particular, yet unidentified, spiritual school. What it says applies to most modern spiritual schools as well. It advises the students that if they are put under the threat of death by authorities, they may transgress certain rules of the order. It is up to each student to decide whether or not the request can be done without seriously compromising his spiritual commitments.

At times in the past, this advice was needed. Many despots of old felt they had the right to change the teachings of churches and spiritual schools to suit themselves. When the Romans took over Israel, they made the priests at the temple take a vow to honor the Roman emperor above God. Those who refused were put to death. The ones that took the oath to save themselves were the ones running the temple at the time of Jesus. They did much harm to their people and the world by taking that oath.

Even today, such things can still be found in parts of the world. In some Muslim countries, Christians must stay underground to avoid being charged with crimes and imprisoned. The same is true the other way around. Now in the United States, people from six Muslim countries are banned from visiting. This might make sense if those were the countries where most terrorists came from, but they are not. In France, Muslim women are banned from wearing certain traditional garb. These are all but one step away from executing people for belonging to the wrong religion or spiritual school. And by wrong, I don’t mean those spreading false teachings, but rather those not approved by the authorities. Barbarian kings still roam.

Under Any Name

The students are further advised to not call God by any particular name, but just say “God”. We can assume from this that the school was in a place where the God of the national religion had a different name then theirs. Admitting that could get the students in trouble. They were wisely told to simply use the generic term, “God,” o avoid problems. It doesn’t matter, after all, what name you give Him. What matters is that you recognize the true God of spirit and obey His Law.

Body and Soul

The Kolbrin Bible says that man’s soul fills his body. This supports the idea that we need to turn within to find our true self. But it goes on to say that the soul surrounds and contains the body. So the soul is as much outside as it is inside. Therefore, truth is found without every bit as much as within. We do need to turn within and learn about ourselves. But we also need to look without, especially toward the Spiritual Sun that provides the energy we need for spiritual growth. We need to bring an end to the barbarian king, and replace him with an angelic king.


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