Sun of Life, Sun of Righteousness, Always Shining Sun

“What is the most sublime of concerts? The sunrise. God is the Sun of Life When this Sun awakens, you will see and understand the world in the right way.

“If you wish to remain free, be like light. Light is free. If you wish to be strong think of light. Light is strong and alive. Love light and be free.

“For those who are able to see, everything in living nature is light. Everything on earth, all minerals, plants, animals, as well as the bodies of men, are nothing more than light. …

“When we say that people should lead pure, sacred and wise lives, we have in mind that they should tap the appropriate energies of the Sun.” ~Biensa Douno

Concert of the Sun

It may seem strange to refer to the sunrise as a concert, but it isn’t. Many who practice spiritual sun-gazing (not the same as gazing at the physical sun) hear divine sounds while doing so. We could also say that a concert is about hearing pleasant frequencies, frequencies that help us vibrate higher. Such frequencies come to us from the spiritual sun, even when we don’t hear them.

Sun of Life

I don’t think we can say that God is the Sun of Life, except in the general sense that God is everywhere and part of everything. But we can certainly say that the essence of God is in the spiritual sun. That is why for ages mystery schools have taught students to gaze at the sunrise. They do that not to take in the light of the physical sun—although that can have some benefits for the body—but to get the light of the spiritual sun that Douno calls the “Sun of Life”. In our present time, we can also call it the Sun of Righteousness, for that sun promised by the prophet Malachi shines on us now. The trick, of course, is knowing how to look toward the physical sun and “see” beyond it to the spiritual sun. That requires training from a good spiritual school.

Free as Light

It is a good idea to be like light if we want to be free. But how do we do that? Here are some ways.

  • Light carries information
  • It shares that information willingly
  • Spiritual light carries spiritual information
  • It also shares that light with those who truly seek spiritual knowledge and truth
  • Light grows and chases away the darkness
  • Light is never jealous of other lights, for it knows there is only one light, just divided into many beams
  • It tries to be of the highest frequency and purity possible.

If we could all practice doing those things, we would be more like light. But light is also free in the way that it does not turn away and hide from difficult times. It shines even when idiots are in political office. It remains bright during a plague. It can be blocked, but never defeated. Those are other ways in which light is free. They are other ways in which we can learn to be like light.

Most of all, we can be like light simply by absorbing more of the spiritual light into us. We also need to send some of it back out to others. Light is never greedy. By taking in light, we raise our frequencies. As we do, we become more like that high-frequency light of the spiritual sun. And as we increase our frequencies, we also raise our level of consciousness. We too become a Sun of Life.

Everything is Light

I don’t know when Douno wrote the above quote and the book it came from, but he died in 1944. I think that is long before reputable scientists in the field of Quantum Physics told us the same thing. They have come to the conclusion that the physical universe is a hologram, a complex matrix of light. And if the physical universe is light, then so is the spiritual one, just of a much higher frequency. And the Sun of Life is the frequency we need to aim for.


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