Nature creator

Fohat is closely related to the ‘ONE LIFE,’ from the Unknown One, the Infinite Totality, the manifested One, … and this is the Universal Mind, which, separated from its Fountain-Source, is the Demiurgos or the creative Logos of the Western Kabalists, and the four-faced Brahma of the Hindu religion. … In its totality, viewed from the standpoint of manifested Divine Thought in the esoteric doctrine, it represents the Hosts of the higher creative Dhyan Chohans. …

“The Solar System, brought into existence by these agencies,consists of Seven Principles, like everything else within these centers. Such is the teaching of the trans-Himalayan Esotericism. …

“Fohat, then, is the personified electric vital power, the transcendental binding Unity, … The action of which resembles that of a living force created by Will.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

The Nature Creator

In the quoted passage, Fohat is the creator of Nature, or the physical universe. Blavatky is correct in associating this Force-Being with the Demiurge. The Logos, however, is something else. Reading the description, it is hard to tell if she is describing God, or the false god called the Demiurge. That is not surprising. The Demiurge has many of the same powers of the real God, but not all. That is why his creation, the physical universe, is seriously flawed.

In the realms of the real God, there is no death, no disease, no hate, no darkness, no time or space. Those things do exist in the realm of the Demiurge because it is flawed. It is like a cancer growing on the realms of God that needs to be removed or cured.

Whether you call this being Demiurge or Fohat doesn’t matter. What matters is that you understand that he is not the true God.

Universal Mind

It seems wrong to associate the Demiurge with Universal Mind. It is true, however, if you are speaking solely of the mind of the physical universe. The mind of the spiritual realms is the mind of the true God, and is not Fohat.

This Demiurge is separated from the “Fountain-Source” according to Blavatsky. In other words, it is no longer connected to God. That may seem harsh to some, but when you have a cancerous tumor, you are happy to remove it from your body, even though it is still a part of it. Of course, the Fohat can reconnect with God if he chooses and eventually he will.

Electric Power

This nature creator is called “vital electric power”. This doesn’t quite mean what we think of today as electric power. Just as the ancients often refered to any kind of light as fire, some also called any ind of energy electric. So the Fohat is the personification of energy, specifically creative energy. That may sound like a good thing, but it isn’t. This nature creator, being an imperfect being, created a realm of imperfection. If he had remained connected to that Fountain-Source and created only according to the Will of God, what he created would have been perfect. Now we must all use that creative energy to take what he created and return it to God by transforming it back into spirit. We must not do this according o our own ideas of what is perfect, but God’s. Otherwise, we make the same mistake that Fohat, the nature creator, made.


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