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“God manifests Himself according to His eternal Will, in His eternal wisdom of the noble Virgin, in the Element, which in Paradise stands in the Sharpness of the divine Virtue [or power]. And the Fiat created Man out of the Element in Paradise, for it attracted to it out of he quintessence of the Sun,Stars, and Elements in Paradise, … He created Man in the Image of God (that is, in the similitude of God) and breathed into him the element of the Body (which was nothing else but paradisaical Virtue); … and there Man became a living Soul, and the Image of God in Paradise.

“And the wisdom of God, the pleasant Virgin, discovered herself in him, and with the discovery opened Adam’s center, to thousands and thousands, which should proceed out of this fountain.” ~Jacob Boehme

God Manifests Himself

I have noticed that a number of people are asking the same odd question on social media lately. Specifically, “Who created God?”. Sometimes adding, “If God created everything, who created God?”. To me, the answer is obvious. God is not a creation in the normal sense. He has no beginning and no end. With no beginning, He cannot be created at all. That would mean that at some point there was no God. Since that cannot be true, God cannot be created.

When Boehme says that God “manifests” Himself, he isn’t saying that God is creating Himself. He can’t create Himself if He already exists. What he is saying is that God is manifesting as a being. Prior to that, He was more like a force, a great thought, with no form. He manifests Himself as Supreme Being, which is not t all some old man sitting on a cloud. The form of God is not at all human.

Created Man

Boehme says that God then created Man out of “the Element in Paradise”. What is that Element? It has been called Grace, Divine Light, or the Breath of God. It is a spiritual thing, so this Man that God created was spirit. Pure spirit, nothing else.

Boehme adds that the energy or force God used to create that Man came out of the “Sun, Stars, and Elements in Paradise”. We could add that it mostly came from the sun. Specifically, the spiritual sun. which is why we advise those who wish to return to that life of spirit turn to the spiritual sun.

Image of God

This is one of the most misunderstood phrases in the Bible. God created man in His Image. But he created man as pure spirit, just as God is pure spirit. So this original Man does not look at all like physical man, and neither does God. It’s more like looking up at the bright sun after being locked in the dark for a time.

Wisdom of God

Boehme calls the Wisdom of God a pleasant virgin. This giving wisdom a female personality is something the Gnostics did with Sophia. It seems an odd thing for a man in the middle ages to say. But Boehme was certainly an awakened soul, so he say the symbolic truth in it.

Opened Adam’s Center

When Boehme says that God and Wisdom opened Adam’s center to thousands and thousands, it can mean two things. One, he opened Adam’s awareness of his connection to all beings, all creations. He gave Adam Oneness. That is part of Wisdom, part of Gnosis. Second, it could refer to God creating thousands of additional humans using Adam as the model, the mold. So Adam was not the father of all men in a literal sense. He was father of all because he was the prototype from which we were all created. Remember, though, that we are still talking of spirits and souls. Adam did not yet have a physical body, and neither did any of those other true humans. God manifests spirits. The fallen angels, or Demiurge manifest physical beings.


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