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“The incomprehensible richness and loftiness of the Divine Nature, the outpouring generosity toward all in common, fills a man with wonder. And, above all, he wonders at the universality of God and His outpouring upon all things. For he beholds the incomprehensible Essence as a common fruition of God and all saints. And he sees the Divine Persons as a common outpouring and a common activity in grace and in glory. … And he beholds heaven and earth, sun and moon, the four elements, together with all creatures, and the course of the heavens, created for all in common. God, with all His gifts, is common to all: the angels are common; the soul is common to all its powers, to the whole body, to all its members, …. for the soul cannot be divided, save by reason. For though, according to the reason, … the spirit and the soul are divided; in nature they are one.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Divine Nature

The sun sends out light to all. If some choose to hide in shadows and not receive that light, it is not the sun’s fault. Likewise with the grace and Light from God. Despite talk of certain people being chosen, God sends his Light to all. The chosen are simply those who make the effort to take in the Light and use it.

Just as physical light comes to us from the physical sun, God’s spiritual light comes to us from the spiritual sun. That spiritual light shines on all beings, on everything on Earth. But that light will pass right through those who do not want it. Somewhat like metal particles sticking to a magnet, the spiritual light will “stick to” or affect only those who become magnets for it. We do that by first deciding that we want it. Second, we will use it to benefit our spiritual growth, the growth of others, and the growth of the world. Those who think to use it for earthly power will find it doesn’t stay with them. Likewise, those who get greedy and do not want to share the Light. This light wakens our Divine Nature.

Universal God

Most religions today believe in only one God. Yet they also believe that only they are worshiping the true God and other faiths are worshiping false gods. If only one God exists, then we are all under that same God. We are all cared for by that one God. Not only is that one God the God of all humans, He is also God of all animals, all plants, all that exists. Even the fallen world of matter that He didn’t create, because it originated in His realm of spirit. He is God of that world also, even if Satan has a lot to do with running it. That is what Divine Nature is.

Undivided Soul

The soul cannot be divided. While it makes an interesting story to have Harry Potter’s nemesis, Lord Voldemort, make himself nearly immortal by breaking his soul into pieces and hiding the pieces, it doesn’t happen in real life. If you commit a horrendous act such as murder, your soul may separate from you, but it won’t break into pieces.

But Ruysbroeck says that the spirit and soul cannot be separated from each other. That is also true. You might say that the spirit and the soul are just the two aspects of your complete spiritual self. So whether a spiritual teachers, or some ancient holy book, tells you the soul is important or the spirit it important, it really doesn’t matter. They are so integrated that they can generally be considered one.

In addition, our individual spirit and soul is connected to all other souls via some unknown force that some schools call the “thread of Life”. So in a way, we are not truly separate from those other souls at all and what harms them harms us. “Send not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”, John Donne wrote. He knew what he was talking about. He understood Divine Nature.


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