cleaning house mentally

“Every person in whom the mystical instinct awakes soon discovers in himself certain tastes or qualities which interrupt the development of that instinct. Often these tastes and qualities are legitimate enough upon their own plane;but they are a drain upon the energy of the self, preventing her from attaining the intenser life for which she was made and which demands her undivided zest. Hey distract her attention, fill the field or perception, stimulate her instinctive life: making of the surface-consciousness so active a thing that it can hardly be put to sleep. … The nature of these distracting factors which ‘confuse and enchain the mind’ will vary with almost each individual.” Evelyn Underhill

Cleaning House

Cleaning house is something we all need to do regularly. But that shouldn’t be limited to cleaning floors or dusting furniture. More importantly, we need to clean house mentally. Unfortunately, that kind of cleaning can get complicated.

What to Throw Out

The first problem with mentally cleaning house is deciding what to throw out. Experts on removing clutter tell us to look at everything in our closets and put them in three or four piles. One pile is for those things we really use and must keep. They go back in the closet. Another is for those we occasionally use and might keep. We have to think about each one and decide if they go back. The third is for good things that we really don’t use. They should be donated to charity. The last is for useless things that should be thrown out.

For mind cleaning, we throw out that which is not true and doesn’t serve us. We throw out wishful thinking and fantasies that don’t help us grow. We can only grow by facing reality, no matter how harsh it may be. Limitations put on us by other also need to hit the trash can.

What to Keep

What we keep when cleaning house is that which helps us grow. We keep the open mind, not the blinders. Keep that which we know to be true rather than just opinions that were passed on to us. Also keep that which is reality and not fantasy. It is fine to believe in a future world where everyone lives in peace, harmony, and perfect health, but that world doesn’t exist now. It doesn’t serve us to pretend that it does. In fact, pretending that the world is already what it should be prevents us from making the changes we need to make o improve it.

I’m not going to be polite about this at all. Anyone who says that is no evil in the world is either blind or an idiot. There is much evil in the world and we need to get rid of it. But we have to start by cleansing ourselves. By cleaning house in our own mind, we are preparing to o the same for the world.

Cleaning House in the World

Once we have cleaned out our own minds fairly well, we are ready to start helping clean up the world. We do that in primarily two ways. Cleaning house in the world really means cleaning house in humanity. We are where the problem lies. It isn’t the animals who simply follow the paths we mentally make for them. It isn’t even the demons and devils who temp us because we need to develop the strength to resist them. Man is the problem. So we help others clean their mental house just as we cleaned ours. It can be a one-on-one thing, or group classes. One way or another, we need to help other individuals grow.

Second, we need to bring more positive energy into the world. We then send that energy out to all filled with thoughts of love, peace, and truth. We even send that energy to animals, plants, rocks and rivers. If humanity is to change, the entire world must change with us.

Knowing What to Clean

The big problem in all of this cleaning house is figuring out what is trash and what isn’t. Many debates happen on such subjects regularly. But there is one way to actually know. We need to awaken our spiritual faculties using the Light of the spiritual sun. Then our intuition will tell us the truth. It will help us make good decisions. But it can’t function if we don’t first awaken.


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