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Man Transformed by Light, Into Light

“Why is any one on Earth? To study and learn. To study and learn how to transform his human consciousness into Divine consciousness.

“Manifesting patience is manifesting Wisdom. God favors those with patience. …

The manifestation of God connects you with Love. Your connection with love is the most important connection you have.

“Money in Heaven is the goodness you have done on Earth. The ability to learn, to think, to perform good actions, to love, are great instruments that you must use to get back to Paradise.

“What you learn, think, and love matters a lot. There is higher knowledge and there is lower knowledge. … You determine where you want to be.” ~Biensa Douno

Man Transformed

Not every spiritual school agree that we were sent to Earth to learn. But most do agree that we need to transform. That doesn’t mean turn into a car. It means that we need to transform into spiritual beings again. We need to transform our lead consciousness to golden, advanced consciousness. We need to awaken our souls and use them.

Consciousness and Divine Consciousness

There are many levels of consciousness. The standard level for most humans is around the middle of the chart. There are higher levels and lower levels. One of the goals of spiritual development is to raise our consciousness to higher and higher levels. The ultimate goal is to reach the level of Divine Consciousness. At that level, we know all there is to know. We become truly part of the all. Our connections to all other beings permit us to know all that they know. We will then truly be man transformed.

Don’t think that because you have climbed one rung on the ladder of consciousness you have reached the top. There are many levels above us. Celebrate, yes, then continue climbing.

Connection with Love

When we have reached those higher levels of consciousness, we recognize our oneness with all beings. That recognition is a true form of love. This is not a selective love, but a universal love. A love of all humans, all beings, all of creation. We even love the dark ones, for we know that they too will be transformed. Just as we become man transformed. And as we transform ourselves, we must also transform the planet we live on and all other being on it. Continue reading “Man Transformed by Light, Into Light”

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A balanced Path for a Happy Life

“Materialism can never offer a satisfactory explanation of the world. For every attempt at an explanation must begin with the formation of thoughts about the phenomena of the world. Materialism thus begins with the thought of matter or material processes. But, in doing so, it is already confronted by two different sets of facts: the material world, and the thoughts about it. The materialist seeks to make these latter intelligible by regarding them as purely material processes. He believes that thinking takes place in the brain.

“What of the spiritualistic theory? The genuine spiritualist denies to matter all independent existence and regards it merely as a product of spirit. But when he tries to use this theory to solve the riddle of his own human nature, he finds himself driven into a corner. Over against the “I” or Ego, which can be ranged on the side of spirit, there stands directly the world of the senses. No spiritual approach to it seems open. Only with the help of material processes can it be perceived and experienced by the “I”.”
~Rudolf Steiner

The Material Path

The path of materialism has been followed by most for centuries. By now, it should be obvious that this path doesn’t really lead anywhere. It’s a circular path. It’s running in the exercise wheel and never really moving at all.

For starters, this is the path of Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest”. Which means that only a small percentage of people following this path can succeed at it. A philosophy one sees promoted a lot these days is that abundance is available to all. We can all be wealthy if we just wish for it hard enough. This is a complete lie intended to placate the dissatisfied who have worked hard for many years with almost no progress.

More importantly, the size of your pile of material possessions doesn’t actually show your worth. When you die, they become other peoples property. So their benefit to you is temporary, at best. In many cases, they are not a benefit at all but anchors preventing your spiritual growth.

The Spiritual Path

Mr. Steiner correctly notes that a path of pure spiritual development is just as ineffective. A person who works only on spiritual development and ignores his material side is likely to end up suffering in the world of matter. He might be homeless, starving, and suffering from various physical illnesses. Such a person is likely to die young having not really achieved much spiritual development anyway. So this is not a great path to choose either. Continue reading “A balanced Path for a Happy Life”

reverence for all

Reverence for Life and All Creation

“We see that when the activities of life are infused with reverence,they come alive with meaning and purpose. We see that when reverence s lacking from life’s activities, the result is cruelty, violence, and loneliness. The physical arena is a magnificent learning environment. It is a school within which, through experimentation, we come to understand what causes us to expand and what causes us to contract. …

“When the physical environment is seen only from the five-sensory point of view, physical survival appears to be the fundamental criterion of evolution. … The basis of life becomes fear. … We have formed our present understanding of evolution as a process of ever-increasing ability to dominate the environment and each other. … Our deeper understanding leads us to another kind of power.” ~Gary Zukav

Infused With Reverence

Most of us think of reverence as something found in religion. You have reverence for God. You have reverence for saints, or other holy beings. But outside of religion, few think of reverence as applying.

In actual fact, reverence does apply elsewhere. Even those who are not religious can have reverence. We can have reverence for life, even if we limit it to physical life. We can have reverence for nature and her laws.

Lacking Reverence

In most places, we can look around us and see the results of a people and a society without reverence for life or anything else. We see people harming and killing others. We see businesses being robbed with no regard for the fact that it is being run by an elderly family who themselves are having difficulties. On the other side of that coin, we lack reverence when we sell products that we know are harming people rather than helping them. Even when the products don’t harm others, they lack reverence when they don’t actually benefit the person they are sold to.

We lack a reverent attitude when we say we want immigrants kept out of our country. We got here first, so the hell with anyone else. But we don’t own the world, or any part of it. It wasn’t created by us, therefore we can’t claim to own it. If we lack reverence, we will anyway. Continue reading “Reverence for Life and All Creation”

governance of self through difficulties

Governance By the Good Needs Governance of Self

“Often it happens that the governance is given to the good that a restraint may be put upon superfluity of wickedness. To others providence assigns some mixed lot suited to their spiritual nature; some it will plague lest they grow rank through long prosperity; others it will suffer to be vexed with sore afflictions to confirm their virtues by the exercise and practice of patience. Some fear overmuch what they have strength to bear; others despise overmuch that to which their strength is unequal. All these it brings to the test of their true self through misfortune. …

“As to the other side of the marvel, that the bad now meet with affliction, now get their heart’s desire, this, too, springs from the same causes.” ~Boethius

Governance to the Good

If only it were true that only the good get to govern others, either in government positions, or as business leaders. Sadly, it isn’t. In most of the world today, we either have despots who rule by force and by fear, or some form of democracy where we have to choose among those who decide to run for office. In the business field, if it isn’t by inheritance, it is often the most greedy and the most ruthless who rise to the top.

Plato said that those who choose to run for political office prove by doing so that they are unfit for such office. As a general rule, I agree with him. There are rare exceptions, but usually those who run for office do so because they believe they are better than others, more suited to make decisions for them than they can make for themselves. This is almost always an egotistical belief that is not backed by any facts.

Long Prosperity

Boethus says some who achieve great prosperity (wealth), grow rank because of it. This should not be taken literally. Wealthy people generally don’t smell bad. But many of them do become rotten in a figurative way. They start to value money over people. They value man-made luxuries over the gifts of nature. As a result, they have no qualms about destroying the land to get the gems and gold beneath it. They have no concern for the people who are harmed, sometimes even killed, as a result of their greed. That is how they are “rank”. Of course, Boethus may have meant one of the other definitions of “rank”, but I think the one meaning offensive in odor is the most appropriate for what he was implying.

Boethus says that good people may be plagued with difficulties to prevent them from falling into such a state. We should remember that when we have difficulties. Sometimes, it is just demons having fun with us. Other times, we are being taught a lesson. Continue reading “Governance By the Good Needs Governance of Self”