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“The existence of a Supreme Being is not just something to accept, believe in and ignore. A belief, faith alone, cannot be ends in themselves, for nothing exists without purpose. Simple belief in a Supreme Being is not enough; we must know the purpose or intention of the Being. If we believe this Supreme Being created us, however this was brought about, we must seek to discover the purpose behind our creation. If we were created to serve some purpose, … we must do it or earn our Creator’s displeasure. …

“Therefore, we who are brothers, were taught not only to believe in a Supreme Being,but also in our similarity to Him. The Supreme Spirit is not a stranger beyond our ken; the powers of the Supreme Spirit infuse every fiber of our bodies.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:19:4-5)

Supreme Being

Whether we call he Supreme Being God, or the All, Ultimate Consciousness doesn’t matter. What matters is first our recognition that He exists. And I say “He” not because God is male, but because “He” is also neutral, neither male nor female, just as God is. We also have to understand that this Supreme Being does not have a physical body. He is pure spirit. And in the dimension where He dwells, only other pure spirits can exist because the Godhead cannot be polluted.

More Than Belief

There are many people who say they believe in God, therefore they are saved. Others say Jesus or Buddha instead of God, but the idea is the same. Just by saying they believe, they think they are saved. That is like saying that my meal will be cooked by magic just because I say I believe in fire. Try it and see what happens. Your meal is not going to cook itself just because you believe in fire. You are not going to be saved or enlightened simply because you believe in God.

You need to go beyond belief to ask what God wants of you, what is your mission, and then doing it. This requires that you first awaken your spiritual faculties so you can learn through them what that mission is. Your brain-mind simply does not know.

Our Purpose

The Kolbrin Bible says we must know the purpose behind our creation. On this, I disagree with the quote. It would be nice to know why we were created, but not really essential. What is more important—essential we could say—is to know what our purpose is now and what God wants to happen now. What God intended when he created us millions of years ago is not that important now. Things changed after the fall. Now the primary goal of God is to get the fallen lands of matter back into the fold. To turn matter back into spirit. As co-creators, we must work with him to make that happen. He won’t do it alone, even though he could.

If we do want to understand why we were created, just think about why us humans create. If we need to do something and don’t have the tool necessary to do it, we create one. That is creation out of need. It is possible that God created us out of a specific need. On the other hand, sometimes we create things simply for the joy of creating. This is most common in art, but happens in every field. Maybe the Supreme Being was simply enjoying His ability to create when he created us. Maybe he didn’t have a specific purpose for us at all. But what matters is, He has one now.

Creator’s Displeasure

This is another thing I don’t like in the quote. Talking about the Creators displeasure sounds too much like that angry god, jealous god, of the Jews. That is not the God of Jesus, the loving Father in Heaven. But it may be true that the Supreme Being feels displeasure when he gives us limited free will and we use it to defy Him or turn against Him. Like any good parent, he will only tolerate such behavior for so long. If we don’t turn back to Him soon, He will turn his back on us (allegorically).


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