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“Man is not organized as a self-consistent unity. He always demands more than the world, of its own accord, gives him. Nature has endowed us with needs; among them are some that she leaves to our own activity to satisfy. Abundant as are the gifts she has bestowed upon us, still more abundant are our desires. We seem born to be dissatisfied. And our thirst for knowledge is but a special instance of this dissatisfaction. We look twice at a tree. The first time we see its branches at rest, the second time in motion. We are not satisfied with this observation.

“The something more which we seek in things, over and above what is immediately given to us in them, splits our whole being into two parts. We become conscious of our antithesis to the world. We confront the world as independent beings. The universe appears to us in two opposite parts: I and World. We erect this barrier between ourselves and the world as soon as consciousness first dawns in us. But we never cease to feel that, in spite of all, we belong to the world, that there is a connecting link between it and us, and that we are beings within, and not without, the universe. This feeling makes us strive to bridge over this antithesis, and in this bridging lies ultimately the whole spiritual striving of mankind. The history of our spiritual life is a continuing search for the unity between ourselves and the world. Religion, art and science follow, one and all, this aim. The religious believer seeks in the revelation” ~Rudolf Steiner

Seeking More

Actually, man is fairly consistent in one thing: wanting more. Whatever he has, he wants more. Whatever he knows, he wants to know more. This is a good thing. Contented cattle may be easy to control, but they don’t grow, they don’t evolve. Man grows and evolves simply because he is not content with the status quo. He always looks for something better. Yet, while we have this discontent, we also want happiness and unity.

We also have to work to get things. It is our nature as well as that of the universe. Everything is moving. We must move also, we must work also. And we tend to not appreciate that which is handed to us without earning it.

Knowing What to Seek

One of the big problems with this seeking more is knowing what to seek for. Shortly after The Fall, man knew what he had lost and what he needed to get back. After many centuries, the majority of us have forgotten. We know that we crave something more, something greater, but we don’t know what it is. We have become so accustomed to being matter that we don’t really know what spirit is anymore. But that is starting to change.

Two Parts

We do think in two opposites parts. Some may see it as many, but in essences, it is two: me and not-me. We think we are not part of the world, part of the sky, part of other things. Not in the sense of being alien to this world, but being separate. We see tree, a flower, a dog as being different from us, completely separate from us. By doing this, we create barriers between us where no such barriers exist in reality. We want to be part of things, yet we mentally create barriers between them and us.

Rejoining Solution

There is a solution. We need to recognize that we are all linked, all one. Being part of the universe, part of the world is part of the solution. We have to realize that there is something beyond the physical world and it is what we truly crave. It is why we are seeking more.

We can speculate on such things, but that isn’t the same as experiencing them. They have to be experienced. We do that by awakening our dormant spiritual faculties. To do that takes a special kind of energy. The energy that comes from the Light of the spiritual sun. So continue seeking more and use sunlight as the fuel that powers you along the path.


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