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Fourth State of Soul and Actualization

“It follows from all this that when the soul, coming to the Fourth State of fruitive Love, enters into the equilibrium which supports and penetrates the flux,it does and must reconcile the opposites which have governed the earlier stages of its career. The communion reached is with a Wholeness, the life which flows from it must be a wholeness too. Full surrender, harmonized with full actualization of all our desires and faculties; not some thin, abstract, vertical relation alone, but an all-round-expansion, a full, deep, rich giving and taking, a complete correspondence with the infinitely rich, all-demanding and all-generous God whose ‘love is measureless for it is Himself.’ Thus Ruysbroeck teaches that love static and love dynamic must coexist for us as for Him.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Fourth State of Soul

Part of what Underhill calls the fourth state of the soul is that it must reach that higher state of love. This is the level in which love is not limited to certain persons, objects, and beings. It is when we love everything and everyone. We are part of the all, so we love all that is. This is the level in which we can forgive the evil that people do because we realize that they are doing it out of ignorance. Those who truly know God never do such things.

Reconcile Opposites

When the soul is in the fourth state, it mush reconcile opposites. It cannot be part of the whole when it sees part of the whole as evil. It must learn that only deeds and actions can be evil. Being never are. Even Satan will reform one day and return to the fold. Even he must be forgiven and loved. This seems impossible to most of us. That tells us that we have not yet reached that level of consciousness.

Communion with Wholeness

To become one with the All, one with Wholeness, we must be whole ourselves. We must reconcile all differences within us. All confusion and doubt must be eliminated. We must be certain of who we are and what we are. It sound easy, but it isn’t. It usually takes years to reach that level of truth and wisdom. But we should not give up because of that. Even if we move forward in baby steps, it is better than standing still. No one should be a pool of stagnant water. Continue reading “Fourth State of Soul and Actualization”

shamanic tree or stairway to heaven, All-Soul

Shamanic Tree and the Stairway to heaven

“Emsheimer has shown that the dreams or ecstasies that accompany he initiation of the future shamans include a mystical journey to the Cosmic Tree at the top of which is found the Lord of the World. … Thus, whether he is climbing up the seven or nine notches of the ceremonial birch-tree or is at work on his drum, the shaman is on a journey to heaven. …

“Now we know that in the mythic time of Paradise, a Mountain, a Pillar, or a Tree connected Earth with heaven, so that primordial man could easily go up into heaven by climbing it. … The Koryaks remember the mythical era of their hero Great Raven, when men could go up to heaven without any difficulty: in our day, hey add, it is only the shamans who are still capable of this.” ~Mircea Eliade

Shamanic Tree

The Shamanic tree or pole is another version of the stairway to heaven found in primitive societies. It is worth taking the time to look at the Shamanic version to get a better idea of what this tree really is and how any of us can climb it.

The Need for Steps

In the Shamanic rights, the pole or tree that the Shaman climbs to reach heaven has notches or steps cut into it. The Shaman climbs one step at a time. This is much like the Christian ladder or stairway to heaven with many steps. The usual interpretation of the Shamanic steps is that each step represents a level of heaven until finally the Shaman reaches the highest level where he High God can be met and communicated with.

The Shaman cannot just jump from the ground all the way to heaven. He must take a series of steps to get there. If he tries to speed things up by jumping several steps at a time, we can assume it won’t work. Each step is important. Each step must be taken. And he must take the steps that are on the tree itself, not some other random steps.

The same is true of the Christian stairway. It must be a specific stairway that is followed, a specific path or Way. A different stairway will lead somewhere, but not heaven.

But the Shamanic tree doesn’t truly lead him to heaven. This physical tree is a symbol of another tree. Just as the popular Christmas Tree is a symbol. Continue reading “Shamanic Tree and the Stairway to heaven”

numbers even and odd

Pythagorean Mathematics, Numbers and Cycles

“The foundation of Pythagorean Mathematics was as follows: The first natural division of Numbers is into EVEN and ODD. …

“They also noted that every number is one half of the total of the numbers about it, in the natural series; thus 5 is half of 6 and 4. And also of the sum of the numbers again above and below this pair; thus 5 is also half of 7 and 3, and so on till unity is reached; for the monad alone has not two terms, one below and one above; it has one above it only, and hence it is said to be the ‘source of all multitude.’

“‘Evenly even’ is another term applied anciently to one sort of even numbers. Such are those which divide into two equal parts, and each part divides evenly, and the even division is continued until unity is reached; such a number is 64. These numbers form a series, in a duple ratio from unity; thus 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32.” ~William Wynn Westcott

Odds Get Even

There is nothing strange or esoteric about dividing numbers first into odd and even. It is curious that some people consider one group to be better than the other for some reason. According to one psychological study, most people like odd numbers better than even ones. When asked to pick a favorite number between one and ten, nearly half chose seven. One study concluded that while even numbers feel calmer and more friendly, odd numbers are more exciting, more interesting.

Side by Side

That each number is half the sum of the two numbers closest to it is an interesting fact I had never noticed before. It is perfectly logical, of course. So in the number group 10, 11, 12; if you add en and twelve, you get 22. Half of 22 is eleven. Another thing to note here is that the companions of an odd number are even, while those of an even number are odd.

Evenly Even

The “Evenly Even” numbers are those which can be divided by two over and over until the result is one. The example given is “1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32”. This sequence is more recognized today as the binary sequence used in modern computers. The quote is from an old book, so it is not surprising that it doesn’t mention this. Continue reading “Pythagorean Mathematics, Numbers and Cycles”

first ray, connecting rays

Connecting Rays of Love, Truth, and Healing

“The rays of love are the connection among people.

“Are you in trouble? Turn to love for help—God is Love.

“Blame and critique are steps to hatred, but help and good to love.

“What does it mean to live with good and noble thoughts and wishes? To have an understanding of a tree with good fruit. Keep your mind and heart clean—speak the truth. Truth, wisdom, and love are inseparable. Think for others as for people who love you and who think good to you. …

“Helping others is serving God, is helping yourself. There are two kinds of help: help for free and help for money. The first one comes from God, the second one from man.” ~Biensa Douno

Connecting Rays of Love

While some will still deny it, even science now knows that we are all connected. Everything is connected. In Cosolargy, we wear a Thread of Life to remind us of this connection. The thread we wear may be made of cotton, silk, or other material. But that is just a symbol of the real thread. The real one is made of light and love. Light because that is what everything truly is. Love because a simple definition for that world is that it is a recognition that we are all connected, all one. So we can call this actual connection connecting light or connecting rays of love.

Helping Rays of Love

This higher love from the connecting rays can be a helping force in many difficult situations. It’s sad when I see people comment on spiritual groups on social media that they are depressed, lonely, sad, and so on. This, I think, is impossible if you are truly awakened. If your soul is awake, it knows about that thread of life. It is aware at all times of those connecting rays of love. It cannot, therefore, be depressed or sad. Recognizing those connecting rays can help keep us from depression and loneliness. How can you be lonely when you are connected to everyone and everything?

Those rays of love can even help in preventing and curing some physical ailments. Most, if not all illness begins n the mind. We feel we are imperfect. Thinking that we have done wrong, we subconsciously think we need to be punished. So we hold back our immune system and allow germs to enter and make us sick. But when we live in the connecting rays of love, we forgive our faults as well as those of others. By doing so, we reduce our chances of getting ill and cure the illnesses we have. Continue reading “Connecting Rays of Love, Truth, and Healing”