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“How close, how dear is the union of souls, made one in Christ! … There is no union more pure, more strong, than the union of souls in Christ! In this manner, pure as delightful, the saints in Heaven possess each other in God. …

“Let your soul have within it a continual yes. When the heart is in union with God, there is no Nay—it is Yes, be it so, which reverberates through the soul. This Yes, this suppleness, renders the heart agreeable. …

“In proportion as our will passes into the will of God, the desires which are the offspring of the will, are subjugated, and the soul is reduced to unity with God. As the soul advances in the life of God, its natural or selfish movements decrease.” ~Madam Guyon

One in Christ

We should not confuse being one in Christ and being one with Jesus. Jesus was a man who became Christ, but the Christ spirit has existed forever and has taken up temporary residence in other people besides Jesus. Being one with Christ means being one with God and God’s Divine Plan. Being one with Christ means being one with all souls everywhere. It isn’t limited to Christians. Anyone of any faith can serve God.

This union is pure because only a pure soul can be allowed to unite with the God spirit or God Consciousness. God must be pure, unpolluted. A polluted soul cannot unite with God until it is purified.

Continual Yes

Madam Guyon is not suggesting that we become “Yes Men” like those employed by Donald Trump who must agree to everything he says of get fired. What she is saying is that once the soul has joined with God, it finds it cannot resist doing what God wants. As with many others, however, I think Guyon is mixing attributes and actions of the soul with those of the mind. I don’t think an awakened soul ever resists God. But when the soul is dormant, the mind can, and often does.

It is possible that a recently awakened soul may not be completely doing what God wants. This is out of ignorance rather than resistance. The newly awakened soul is, in some ways, like a newborn child. It must learn before it can function in a useful way. Slowly, the soul learns and grows just as the body and mind do. It is only when it has become one with God that it totally understands God’s Plan and desires completely to participate in it. And wanting to serve God s being One in Christ.

Subjugated Desires

It is part of human nature to have desires. Some are good, some are not. It is not always easy to tell which is which. We all know, for example, that murder is wrong. Yet millions of us accept that it is acceptable to kill others if we are at war and our government tells us to.

A fully awakened soul that is one in Christ knows better. Such a person always knows what is rights and what is wrong. He doesn’t listen to his ego or his government. He listens to God on such matters. You can do that when you are one with God. Which is why the only real hope for man to ever live in peace and harmony is a spiritual awakening where we all become one in Christ.


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