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“Beloved mind, behold, consider this, this now is God and His heavenly Kingdom, even the eternal element and Paradise, and it stands thus in the eternal Original from eternity to eternity. Now what joy, delight, and pleasantness is therein, I have no pen that can describe it, neither can I express it; for the earthly tongue is too much insufficient to do it; it is like Dross compared with Gold, and much more inferior. … All is too dark and too cold in the whole man, so that he cannot express so much as one spark thereof sufficiently. We will defer it until we come into the bosom of the Virgin; here we have only given a short hint of it. … We are but a very little drop out of the fountain of Wisdom of God; and we speak as a little sparkle, but high enough for our earthly understanding.” ~Jacob Boehme

Knowing God

Advance spiritual masters know God. At least they do in as much as it is possible while still trapped in the material world. But knowing God on a spiritual level and communicating that knowledge to others is two different things. We will use an analogy to express why.

Let us think of the soul as a speaker that has great music coming out of it. The mind is like an ear listening to that music. But there are screens between the speaker and the ear. Screens of false beliefs and limitations. Screens of language that allow for no other means of communicating. They block much of the ‘music” from reaching the mind. Still, the mind of the awakened person knows more than others. But when he tries to tell them, he finds he has no words adequate to do so. As Boehme says, what he ends up communicating is like “Dross compared to Gold.” It is like someone from as advanced civilization trying to explain computers to primitive people still living in the stone age.

At least he can express to other that knowing God brings one great joy and delight. He can advise other that they too must open their minds and souls so they too can truly know God.

Too Dark and Cold in Man

The major reason we are unable to comprehend God is because we have descended deeply into the darkness of matter. The fact that many don’t see matter as a darkness to be overcome shows how deeply we have sank.

He coldness is part of that also. Many of us have become indifferent (cold) to the plight of others. We walk past the homeless and hungry without a thought. We kill millions in wars so we can steal their natural resources. Yet we say we are Godly people. Perhaps if you are worshiping the god of death, otherwise known as Satan.

But that darkness and coldness are like symptoms of a disease. They are not us, but an illness we have called materialism. We can be cured of this disease. But as the psychiatrists say about mental illness, the first step is to admit that you are ill. Once we acknowledge that materialism needs to be cured, it is actually not such a hard thing to cure. We have to do it carefully and gradually, but we can do it. Knowing God is certainly a motivation for doing so.

Bosom of the Virgin

What is Boehme talking about? Why does he want to come into the bosom of the virgin? Is he just another dirty old man? Not at all.

The virgin he refers to is Sophia, the Gnostic goddess of Wisdom. He is telling us that truly knowing God requires that we gain Gnosis, the knowledge of spirit granted by the virgin, Sophia. The first step in gaining Gnosis is awakening the spirit and soul. We do that by reducing as much as possible our attachments to material things. Also by taking in the spiritual Light of the Spiritual Sun. That is the energy that powers the soul.


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