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“It follows from all this that when the soul, coming to the Fourth State of fruitive Love, enters into the equilibrium which supports and penetrates the flux,it does and must reconcile the opposites which have governed the earlier stages of its career. The communion reached is with a Wholeness, the life which flows from it must be a wholeness too. Full surrender, harmonized with full actualization of all our desires and faculties; not some thin, abstract, vertical relation alone, but an all-round-expansion, a full, deep, rich giving and taking, a complete correspondence with the infinitely rich, all-demanding and all-generous God whose ‘love is measureless for it is Himself.’ Thus Ruysbroeck teaches that love static and love dynamic must coexist for us as for Him.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Fourth State of Soul

Part of what Underhill calls the fourth state of the soul is that it must reach that higher state of love. This is the level in which love is not limited to certain persons, objects, and beings. It is when we love everything and everyone. We are part of the all, so we love all that is. This is the level in which we can forgive the evil that people do because we realize that they are doing it out of ignorance. Those who truly know God never do such things.

Reconcile Opposites

When the soul is in the fourth state, it mush reconcile opposites. It cannot be part of the whole when it sees part of the whole as evil. It must learn that only deeds and actions can be evil. Being never are. Even Satan will reform one day and return to the fold. Even he must be forgiven and loved. This seems impossible to most of us. That tells us that we have not yet reached that level of consciousness.

Communion with Wholeness

To become one with the All, one with Wholeness, we must be whole ourselves. We must reconcile all differences within us. All confusion and doubt must be eliminated. We must be certain of who we are and what we are. It sound easy, but it isn’t. It usually takes years to reach that level of truth and wisdom. But we should not give up because of that. Even if we move forward in baby steps, it is better than standing still. No one should be a pool of stagnant water.

Full Actualization

Full surrender is the first step of full actualization. Surrender to God, not some random force or being. Only those who can fully surrender will reach full actualization. We can only know and understand God’s Plan if we surrender to it. When we do, we are in the fourth state of Soul.

We often hear of the war between the army of Light and the army of Darkness. I don’t like that terminology as it implies that light beings will use violence to fix the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would rather think of them as repairmen of Light. They will not destroy the material world. They will repair it. That will, over time, change it back to spirit. This will be done with the help of God, of course. And it is a process that has already started. That is the real reason for global warming.

Love, Static and Dynamic

The measureless love from God is both static and dynamic. Our love must be the same. Static love is all about feeling. We feel love for our spouse, our children, or parents, and so on. We feel love for our pets. Also, we might say we love chocolate ice cream but that isn’t the same kind of love. I’m not sure that should be called love at all.

Dynamic love is love that requires action. When we bring flowers to a girl we think we are falling in love with, that is dynamic love. When we take the step of getting married, that also is dramatic love. Spiritual dramatic love is similar. It is not just saying we love God. It isn’t even going to church. It’s serving God. Doing what God wants. This doesn’t mean we become slaves of God, because slaves are not working out of love. When we truly love God and his Divine Plan, we want to be a part of it. Nothing could please us more. It’s like an actor being offered a big movie part. Or a baseball player being assigned to pitch in the World Series. You do it because you want it very much. Those who are fully awakened and in the fourth state of soul (as Underhill puts it), truly love God want to contribute to His Plan in any way they can.


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