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“The subtle Devil insinuates himself into the Creature, and shifts the Center of Nature, and brings evil or false desires into it, so that a man becomes as it were drunken in SELF, and still persuades himself that he is driven by God… and so the Light of God departs from him.

“Yet the outward Light of the outward Nature still remains shining in the Creature; for its own SELF throws itself thereinto, and supposes that it is still the first Light of God; but it is not. And into this SELF-Exaltation in the light of its outward Reason, the Devil throws himself again, (though in the first Light, which was Divine, he had been forced to depart) now returning with the seven-fold desire.” ~Jacob Boehme

Drunk on SELF

Boehm says “SELF” in all caps where we today would say ego. So he is talking about those who are drunk on ego. Those who allow ego to control their thinking and behavior. A true blind leading the blind adventure. The “Creature” thinking it is king.

It isn’t that the ego is evil and needs to be destroyed. The ego is very useful—if controlled. The ego understands only the universe of matter. It can’t understand spirit. If you try to understand spiritual things using the ego-mind, you will get a highly distorted understanding that does more harm than good. And, as Boehme says, a person who is ruled by ego will not have the Light of God in him.

The Creature

This is another term Boehme uses that can be confusing. What he calls the Creature is the man of matter, the person of ego. It is the fallen man who has lost his connection to God and cannot understand spiritual things. It is the lost man in Plato’s cave. it  isn’t necessarily that he is  primitive like a caveman. He might wear a suit and drive a luxury car. He can understand computers, lasers, and cell phones. The spiritual, however, eludes him. He either disbelieves in spiritual worlds completely, or thinks of them as some variation of the realm of matter.

This “Creature” can be changed and educated. That is the purpose of spiritual development. Sadly, many would rather remain a simple animal, a “Creature”. But as we began the final age of man, we must all become spiritual beings, or die. The choice is ours.

Different Lights

Many people have been confused by the fact that God’s Light isn’t the only light. There are lesser lights that many can be tricked into believing are God’s Light. Boehme calls this material light the light of the outward nature. It is “natural” light in that it is material light. It is light that doesnot originate in God,but in a lesser source such as the physical sun or another star. Boehme says that into the light of man’s reason, the Devil throws himself.

In other words, the Devil can pretend to be an angel by shining with a light that is a lesser light. It works in many cases because those who have never seen God’s Light can’t tell the difference. But there is a way that we can know if it is a real angel of God, or a demon pretending to be one. The demon will be concerned with matters of the material world. He will often promise material wealth will come to those who do as he asks. A real angel of God isn’t concerned about the realm of matter. He will offer you eternal life in spirit for doing God’s work.


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