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Supreme Being and the Power to Create

“The existence of a Supreme Being is not just something to accept, believe in and ignore. A belief, faith alone, cannot be ends in themselves, for nothing exists without purpose. Simple belief in a Supreme Being is not enough; we must know the purpose or intention of the Being. If we believe this Supreme Being created us, however this was brought about, we must seek to discover the purpose behind our creation. If we were created to serve some purpose, … we must do it or earn our Creator’s displeasure. …

“Therefore, we who are brothers, were taught not only to believe in a Supreme Being,but also in our similarity to Him. The Supreme Spirit is not a stranger beyond our ken; the powers of the Supreme Spirit infuse every fiber of our bodies.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:19:4-5)

Supreme Being

Whether we call he Supreme Being God, or the All, Ultimate Consciousness doesn’t matter. What matters is first our recognition that He exists. And I say “He” not because God is male, but because “He” is also neutral, neither male nor female, just as God is. We also have to understand that this Supreme Being does not have a physical body. He is pure spirit. And in the dimension where He dwells, only other pure spirits can exist because the Godhead cannot be polluted.

More Than Belief

There are many people who say they believe in God, therefore they are saved. Others say Jesus or Buddha instead of God, but the idea is the same. Just by saying they believe, they think they are saved. That is like saying that my meal will be cooked by magic just because I say I believe in fire. Try it and see what happens. Your meal is not going to cook itself just because you believe in fire. You are not going to be saved or enlightened simply because you believe in God.

You need to go beyond belief to ask what God wants of you, what is your mission, and then doing it. This requires that you first awaken your spiritual faculties so you can learn through them what that mission is. Your brain-mind simply does not know. Continue reading “Supreme Being and the Power to Create”

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Mystical Techniques for Spiritual Growth

“Let us remember this fact: that the siddhi follow automatically from success in the ascetic and mystical techniques undertaken. If we take account that, in yoga as in Buddhism, liberation amounts to an actual surpassing of the human condition—in other words, that one has to ‘die’ to the profane ‘natural’ existence constituted by the law of endless ‘conditionings’ (karma) and be reborn into an ‘unconditioned’, that is, a perfectly free and autonomous existence—we recognize here again the same archaic and universal symbolism of an ontological mutation through the experience of death and resurrection. Yoga and Buddhism, with the ascetic and mystical practices related to them are continuations … of the immortal ideologies and techniques which endeavored to change the condition of man. … At the end of long and painful exercises in mystical physiology, the Indian apprentice attains a radical modification of his ‘sensibility’.” ~Mircea Eliade

Mystical Techniques

One thing that seems to be surprising to many is that a close study of the ancient mystical schools all over the world find a strong consistency in what they taught. This will not seem true if one tries to interpret everything literally since most of their teachings, if written at all, were always written in allegory. Eliade says that he cannot go into details on those techniques, and neither can we. But there are some things that can now be said in public.

First, it must be noted that Eliade write of “techniques”, with an “s”. It is not just a simple matter of engaging in basic meditation. It never was. Meditation isn’t even necessary except as an aid to calm the mind. But it does not make one spiritual. It does not awaken the soul. It is that light of the spiritual sun that does that.

Surpassing the Human Condition

I wouldn’t say that spiritual development through the use of mystical techniques allows us to surpass the human condition. We may have forgotten our spiritual selves of many centuries ago, but that self is very much a part of us, very much human. When we engage is mystical techniques, we surpass the mundane human, the material human, but it is still human. We may become, according to some, “supermen,” but that is still human. It is like the tales of a boy raised by wolves. He may act like a wolf, and in many ways, think like a wold, but he remains human. The fallen man (us!) may have lost much of his greatness but that greatness is still there for us to claim. We only have to awaken our spiritual faculties and develop them to make that happen. That is the purpose of those mystical techniques. Continue reading “Mystical Techniques for Spiritual Growth”

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Good Character Development Means Forget the Bad

“To learn to forget is as necessary and useful as to learn to remember. We think of many things every day which it would be more profitable not to think of at all. To be able to forget is to be able to drive away the unseen force (thought) which is injuring us, and change it for a force (or order of thought) to benefit us.

“Demand imperiously and persistently any quality of character in which you may be lacking, and you attract increase of such quality. Demand more patience or decision or judgment or courage or hopefulness or exactness, and you will increase in those qualities. These qualities are real elements. They belong to the subtler, and as yet unrecognized, chemistry of nature.” ~Prentice Mulford

Learn to Forget

This is probably contrary to everything you have ever heard. Rarely does someone tell you to forget. Only if it is something terrible like witnessing a murder would they say that. But there are many other times when forgetting is useful.

Many of us grew up as members of a conventional church that teaches social behavior more that any form of spiritual enlightenment. Such churches teach us to listen and conform. To forget such teachings can benefit us greatly.

Some of us grew up in poverty. There is nothing wrong with that, nothing to be ashamed of. But when it gives us the belief that we are doomed to live in poverty all of our lives, this is something we need to forget.

Others, on the other hand, grew up in luxury with servants to do just about everything for them. They had cooks to make meals, tutors to help with school, and so on. When it comes to spiritual growth, however, you can’t get your servants to do it for you. Neither can you buy your way in. You have to forget those ideas and learn to do things yourself. A spiritual awakening is a personal thing.

Of course there are things we should never forget. We may have forgotten what it is like, but deep down we do remember that we originated in the spiritual realms. Only the Great Fall has left us in the universe of matter. And we need to return to spirit and change this world back to spirit. We must always remember that.

Quality of Good Character

Mulford says we must not only work on improving our character, but “Demand imperiously and persistently” that we get the characteristics we desire. Today’s teachers of similar philosophies would say instead that we need to believe that it is already ours, it is in our hands.

Several decades ago, people laughed at such philosophies. Now even ivy league universities use visualization techniques to help students win games and get better grades. Continue reading “Good Character Development Means Forget the Bad”

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Way of Righteousness Delivers from Darkness

“Let us therefore prepare ourselves to travel to the Lord with an undivided will and purpose. … Let us sever ourselves altogether from the love of the world,and attach our souls to Him only, and keep in mind Him only as our business and care and quest. If we have to be somewhat busied also in body, with the business laid upon us, … let not the mind be parted from the love and quest and longing after the Lord; so that striving in such a mind, and journeying along the way of righteousness with an upright intention, and always taking heed to ourselves, we may obtain the promise of His Spirit, and may through grace be delivered from the perdition of the darkness of the passions.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Way of Righteousness

What exactly constitutes the way of righteousness is a matter of great debate among churches, mystics, and philosophers. It shouldn’t be, but it is. That is because most people speaking on the subject are doing so based on something they were told, or something they read, rather than on personal experience. Only one who has truly walked the way of righteousness and knows what it takes can actually answer the question. For those who have actually walked the way, the descriptions vary little. They may use different words because language simply doesn’t describe the spiritual very well, but the story is similar.


The only way to completely sever ourselves from the world of matter is to leave it, to die. That isn’t necessary (phew!). You can live in this world, you can own material goods, as long as you can remain detached from them. This isn’t an easy thing to do,but if you are destined for a spiritual life, you have probably already found that a life of materialism is not fulfilling. But if you have to wash your car when it gets the littlest bit of dirt on it, or wear your lucky shirt whenever you play a game, you may still need to work on that detachment.

The problem is like the old “Don’t think about an elephant” trick. As soon as someone says that, you immediately think of an elephant. So don’t think about detaching your connections to certain objects. Instead, become totally attached to the spiritual, your spiritual growth, and the needs of your soul. You will then be on the Way of Righteousness. Continue reading “Way of Righteousness Delivers from Darkness”