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“In spring and in summer from 22nd March each year it is recommendable for man to go early to bed and to rise early to welcome the sunrise and accept his part from it—like the bees gather the nectar from the flowers. …

“As we expose ourselves to the Sun, so must we live in the divine love.

“Food, water, air and light are healing factors. The solar rays, absorbed with love, are most beneficial to the body. They act soothingly upon the soul and refreshingly upon the spirit.

“It is better to go barefoot and perceive the energy of the earth. This would heal you.

“Keep always your head erect. Why? Because that way you allow for the energies coming from the Sun to pass freely through your lungs.” ~Biensa Douno

Welcome Sunrise

In a sense, we always welcome sunrise. Most of us, anyway. But Douno is talking about something more than just being grateful that the sun has risen again. Even just casually observing a sunrise isn’t enough. We need to welcome the sun, to greet it and thank it for appearing again. We need to thank it for sending us healing light. We need to recognize it as a conscious being, not simply an object.

Then beyond the physical sun, there is the spiritual sun. Just as the physical sun is important or the health of the body, so is the spiritual sun important for the health of the spirit and soul.

In Divine Love

We do need to welcome sunrise with love in our hearts and souls. This isn’t always easy given the world of anger, greed, and fear that we currently live in. The good news is that while the majority are trapped in the illusions, a few are awakening and becoming loving people who live according to the rules of love rather than fear and greed.

People who are spiritual and loving can absorb the light from the spiritual sun. Those who are not loving can’t. The light just passes through them and has no effect. Loving people are also better able to absorb the healthy frequencies from the physical sun rather than the harmful ones.

Go Barefoot

We get added benefits from watching the sunrise if we are barefoot. We absorb additional energies from the ground. If it isn’t practical to be barefoot when doing solar gazing techniques, we can do it at another time. Just sit outside for at least 30 minutes with your bare feet on the ground. Read the book “Earthing” for more details.

Stay Erect

It isn’t just your head that matters. You need to keep your whole body erect as much as possible when you welcome sunrise. This is not because of the lungs, but rather because of the spine and the energy centers (chakras). Energy from the sun and elsewhere can flow better between the centers and from the base of the spine up to the brain. The spine is more than a conduit of nerve signals. It also carries life energies through the body and spirit. A good flow of energy is important for both physical and spiritual health.


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