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“He who observes the sixth day according to the Gospel, having already put to death the first impulses of sin, through cultivating the virtues attains a state of dispassion which, like, a desert, is bare of all evil: his Sabbath is a rest of his intellect. … But when he has crossed the Jordan he passes over into the land of spiritual knowledge, where the intellect, the temple mystically built by peace, becomes in spirit the dwelling place of God.

“He who after the example of God has completed the sixth day with fitting actions and thoughts, … has in his understanding traversed the condition of all things subject to nature and time and has entered into the mystical contemplation of the eons and the things inherent in them.” ~The Philokalia

Sixth Day

This is the day in which, according to the Bible, God created the animals, and then man. How can we be expected to do that? We can’t, of course. But the Sixth day has been interpreted as a day for doing good things and being creative. That we can do. The Philokalia says it is a time to cultivate virtues and attain dispassion. That also when can do, thought often with some difficulty.

The sixth day might also be though of as the day of completion, that day when the final steps are taken and the work is done. In truth, however, the work of spiritual development is never done. There is always a higher level to reach, a higher state of consciousness to achieve.

Land of Spiritual Knowledge

The temple of spiritual knowledge is built by mystical practices. It is not, however, the intellect which gains this knowledge and becomes the dwelling place of God. The brain-mind intellect is a thing of the material world. It is the soul which understands the spiritual. But it must be awakened first. We enter this world with our spirits and souls in a dormant state like being in a coma. We must give those spiritual faculties the energy they need to awaken. Then the soul can be filled with truth and knowledge (Gnosis).It can be the dwelling place of God. So symbolically, the sixth day is the day to turn away from the material and develop our spiritual side.

Traversed Nature and Time

While in a physical body, we are subject to the laws of Nature. We can try to defy them if we wish. We will usually get in trouble for doing so.

The spiritual person is still subject to the laws of nature, but is also beyond the limitations of nature. The soul, being pure spirit, is not limited by space and time. It doesn’t need to travel, it is simply there whenever it decides to be somewhere. The physical body, however, cannot do that. That is not something we need to complain about. We don’t complain because a hammer can’t do the job of a saw. We let the saw do its job, and the same for the hammer. Let the physical body and the brain-mind deal with the physical world and the spirit and soul deal with spiritual realms. Then maybe, on the sixth day, open up the mind to listen to what the soul has to say about the spiritual worlds.

Mystical Contemplation

There are many things that the mystic contemplates. At first, they may ask why they are here. Then they ask what lies beyond the physical, if anything. They move on to accepting that there are spiritual realms and now they contemplate how to expand their consciousness into those realms. On the sixth day, they have gained the true knowledge of spiritual reality and are ready to start sharing it with others.


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