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“We feared not the observer’s eyes, neither did our consciences bother us…. Human society has yielded for seventy centuries to corrupted laws until it cannot understand the meaning of the superior and eternal laws. A man’s eyes have become accustomed to the dim light of candles and cannot see the sunlight. Spiritual disease is inherited from one generation to another until it has become a part of the people, who look upon it, not as a disease, but a natural gift, showered by God upon Adam. It those people found someone free from the germs of this disease, they would think f him with shame and disgrace.” Kahlil Gibran

Our Consciences Didn’t Bother Us

We had no guilty consciences. Nor did we fear being seen, getting caught. We had reached a time when wrong is right and evil is accepted as good, or at least necessary.

During World War II, we were appalled that the German Army under Hitler stooped to using snipers hidden in trees and building to shoot unsuspecting, and often unarmed, people. Many of them were not even soldiers. We thought this was barbarian.

Today we make a movie about an American sniper who took out many unarmed civilians He had no idea who most of them were, but he killed them because he was told to (“I was just following orders”, the Germans said). The movie was a hit and the man was celebrated as a hero. At the same time, we have a president who has nothing negative to say about Neo-Nazi groups or white supremacists, although he can’t seem to stop saying negative things about everyone else. His followers don’t seem to care. That includes millions who call themselves Christians. Our consciences didn’t bother us.

Superior Law

While man made law has become necessary in a world grown severely materialistic, it is flawed law. It often favors the wealthy and greedy at the expense of the poor class and working class people.

Real law is God’s Law. These are the original laws that always exist. They can’t be removed by a politician seeking votes. Greedy businesses can’t cancel them when they find them inconvenient. They are the laws under which all of creation came into being, so cannot be debated, canceled, or altered. Not by man, anyway. God, of course, can change them. If He did, however, it would mean drastic changes in the world we live it. He might do it anyway. Until He does, however, we must live according to God’s superior law. We may get away with ignoring some of man’s laws, but not God’s.

Part of God’s superior law is that He isn’t going to be the parent of a bunch of spoiled brats. He isn’t going to let us get away with doing anything we want to do. He isn’t going to clean up the mess we make when we do things we shouldn’t do. If we stick out hand in fire, we get burned. That is how we learn. Of course, we can also learn by noticing that others get burned when they stick their hand in fire and never do it. Learning without getting injured is best. God’s Law helps us learn. When we violate it, God does not punish us. We punish ourselves by foolishly doing such things.

Spiritual Disease

Yes, spiritual disease is areal thing. It is just as real as physical or mental disease. Many people think that mental disease is not contagious. They are wrong. While it may not be contagious in the same way as physical disease, we know that when sane people get locked up with the mentally ill, they will often develop mental illness as well. Something similar can happen with spiritual disease.

If our parents, friends, and teachers don’t believe in anything except the physical world, we will almost certainly share that belief. In a sense, we have caught a spiritual disease from them. More accurately, its a mental-spiritual disease, because it is dealing with the brain, but also limiting our spiritual growth.

Frequency is another kind of spiritual disease that is contagious. If we are always around low-frequency people, people who never use spiritual techniques to raise their frequencies, we will operate at those same frequencies. But if we get around some highly developed spiritual people operating at higher frequencies, our own frequencies will increase. It’s like a tuning fork vibrating in sync with another one. We can make an effort to take in spiritual energy from the spiritual sun and raise our frequencies by ourselves, but it helps to be around other high-frequency people.

Higher Realms Require Higher Frequencies

Why should you bother to raise your frequencies? Because higher levels of being and higher states of consciousness exist at higher frequencies. If you want to ascend to those levels, you must change your frequencies to match theirs. That too is part of God’s Superior Law.

God’s spiritual universe operates intelligently. To do that, it must have laws that can’t be ignored just because you want to. If you want to continue into infinity, the superior law must be followed.


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