Prophetic Spirit

“The prophetic spirit, now inevitable resurging to dethrone its rival, the intellectual law, will necessarily bring with it the New Jerusalem and the return of the gods, thus fulfilling the dreams of mystics in all ages since the destruction of the primeval kingdom This issue may more especially be anticipated at the present time as the spring point enters Aquarius, and the earth becomes subject to the intensified flux of cosmic radiation for which such periods of transition are noted. … Were an ancient Egyptian prophet to be translated into this century, he would already have declared the end to not only be in sight, but almost within reach. … From all over the world are heard reports of strange, inexplicable aerial phenomena which, as Jung pointed out, have always been associated with he end of an era.” ~John Michell

Prophetic Spirit

It’s an unusual choice of terms Michell uses here. He calls the resurgence of spiritual development or mysticism “prophetic Spirit”. I think that is an odd choice because not all spiritual people have the gift of prophecy. Yet one could say that spirituality is about prophecy. More accurately, it is about seeing beyond the physical and the limitations of the temporary worlds of matter to the permanent words of spirit from which they sprang.

It is not so unusual, however, to call the law of materialism intellectual. It is the intellect which is the primary source of knowledge on this level. But since the intellect is limited to knowledge of the physical realm, and can only speculate about higher realms, it is not a reliable source of higher knowledge. That is where that “prophetic spirit” of the soul comes into play.

Dream of Mystics

Not all mystics seek he birth of the “New Jerusalem”. At least they don’t all use that term for it. They speak instead of a Golden Age, an Age of Spirit, or an Age of Peace. The idea remains the same. Mystics and spiritual masters have been working behind the scenes for ages to help bring us to this time of the dawn of that age. Yet there is a danger that they understood.

A certain balance must be maintained on earth, at least for now. So as some of us become more spiritual, more mystical, so will others become more materialistic, more barbarian. This frightens some spiritual students into thinking we have lost. That very fear of losing can make it happen. We must try to avoid such fear and be confident that spirit will win, Light will win. After all, God is on the side of the mystics, even if the materialists think otherwise.

Age of Aquarius

The term “Age of Aquarius” has become a cliché and a clarion call of the New Age. That doesn’t make the truth of it any less real. Wikipedia says this about it:”Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism,idealism, modernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution.”

I think we can all agree that we are living in the age of electricity and computers. We can hope that it will also be the age of freedom, idealism, modernization, and the return of real democracy. Most spiritual people also think it is an age of spiritual growth and awareness. Let us also hope that will be the case. Better yet, let’s all work to make it happen in accord with God’s Great Plan.

Intensified Radiation

Michell says this will be an age with an “ intensified flux of cosmic radiation.” He is correct. Not just intensified, but different. NASA has sent an unmanned rocket toward the sun to study the radiation coming from it. The question is, what after fifty years of space exploration have they suddenly decided to study the sun?

Surely the sun is so important to life on earth that it should have been one of the first things studied. But they waited until now to do so partly because they now have the necessary technology. But that is only part of the reason. The other part is that scientists have noticed changes in the radiation coming from the sun. Increases in some types of radiation, decreases in others. They don’t understand what is happening. Perhaps they should read the Book of Malachi in the Bible, and the story of the Sun of Righteousness. Some of the answers lie there.

Inexplicable Aerial Phenomena

What we now call UFOs also are a sign that a major change is coming. They are not alien visitors, but a state of being that is midway between matter and spirit. They do not just prophesize major changes, they help make them happen. That prophetic spirit is indeed coming. Be ready or be sorry.


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