“When the soul, coming to the Fourth State of Fruitive Love, enters into the Equilibrium which supports and penetrates the flux, it does and must reconcile the opposites which have governed the earlier stages of its career. The communion reached is with a Wholeness; the life which flows from it must be wholeness too. Full surrender, harmonizing with full actualization of all our desires and faculties; not some thin, abstract, vertical relation alone, but an all-round expansion, a full, deep, rich giving and taking, a complete correspondence with the infinitely rich, all-demanding and all generous God whose love is measureless for it is Himself.’ Thus Ruysbroeck teaches that love static and love dynamic must coexist for us as for him.” Evelyn Underhill

Soul in Equilibrium

I’m not sure we can say it is the soul that enters equilibrium. I think it is our whole self that must do so. Our four parts; physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual must all be part of it. The goal, after all, is to be a united being.

I’m not sure, but I think Underhill means we must be able to travel between the different dimensions of reality when she says “penetrates the flux.”

Reconcile Opposites

We must reconcile opposites if we want equilibrium Most of us place too much emphasis on the physical or mental aspects of our being and do little for the psychic and spiritual. Some flip it around and concentrate on the spiritual or the psychic and allow the mind and body to decay. Underhill has it right when she says we need equilibrium.

skinny legs

Skinny legs bodybuilder

A few decades ago, it was a common joke that many bodybuilders spent much time working on their arms, back, and chest and forgot the legs completely. The result was a ridiculously unbalanced physique. The worse part about it was the experts found that when you did that, you limited the amount of development your upper body could get as well. Something similar applies here.

As long as we are in the physical-mental levels of existence, we must keep our bodies and minds functioning. But if we hope to move on to spiritual realms, we better develop the other areas as well, especially the spiritual. It is important to note that the psychic and spiritual are two different levels. Too many people get caught up in the psychic and never move on to real spiritual development. Don’t be one of those people.

Also, Underhill doesn’t mean that we should embrace evil as well as good. She means embrace the good, but accept that the evil is real and forgive ourselves if we did evil things before our spiritual awakening.

Giving and Taking

Another part of equilibrium is that we all have to be givers as well as takers. Some people want to give, give, give but are reluctant to take anything, including advice. You can’t learn if you don’t take.

Another type takes constantly, and never wants to give. Generally, others soon figure this out and avoid them . And if they constantly taking material things without giving, they will soon find those things giving them problems. They will get robbed, their property will be damaged in fires or floods, etc. If they learned to give as well as get, and in nearly equal proportions, they would have more friends and more happiness.

On a spiritual level, this give and take is easy. We should take in energy sent to us willingly from the physical sun and the spiritual sun. We should send some of that energy out to others filled with thoughts of peace, harmony, and joy.

We can also exchange energy with other beings. Exchange meaning we give as well as take. The way to do this is simple. Suppose you wish to exchange energy with an old oak tree. Start by sending some energy to the tree. Than mentally ask the tree to share some of its energy with you. In most cases, it will do so. If it doesn’t (and you know it) don’t get angry, just walk away. Try a different tree. The reasons for doing this are that you learn form other beings and they learn from you because all energy contains knowledge and because as we become more spiritual e must help other beings on Earth do the same if we are to ever see the planet transform into it’s proper spiritual form.


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