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Myth Magic and Mystery of All Ages

“It is true that, at least apparently, the modern world is not rich in myths. … We are thinking of the myth as a type of human behavior and, at the same time, as an element of civilization—that is, of the myth as one finds it in traditional societies. For at the level of individual experience it has never completely disappeared: it makes itself felt in the dreams, the fantasies and the longings of the modern man. …

“But what now interests us above all is to find out what it is, in the modern world, that fills the central position occupied by the myth in traditional societies. In other words,while recognizing that the great mythical themes continue to repeat themselves in the obscure depths of the psyche, we still wonder whether the myth, as an exemplary pattern of human behavior, may not also survive among our contemporaries in more or less degraded forms. It seems that a myth itself, as well as the symbols it brings into play, never quite disappears.” ~Mircea Eliade

Myth Magic

There was a time when the telling of myths was an important job in any society. Whether it was a bard, a priest, or a philosopher, they taught the people using myth.

We all know that when a teacher tries to fill the students head with dry facts, he generally fails. The student probably retains no more that ten or twenty percent of those facts. But when the same facts are embedded in an interesting story, the student will remember the tale and the facts hiding in it.

There is also the case of the students who are not yet ready to learn certain things and will reject them if they are given to her as simple facts. Such truths can also be hidden in myths and the students will remember the myths, even when they don’t believe. Later, when they start to awaken, they may remember some of those mythical tales and recognize the facts they held.

Myth Magic of Today

While there has been a great effort by materialistic powers to kill the myth, even going so far as to change the meaning of the word to fantasies and tall tales, they have failed. Myth magic is all around us in books, movies, songs, and other forms of entertainment. I’m sure it can even be found in many popular video games. Let’s look at a few examples.

The Star Wars movies of George Lucas are pure myth. It is no secret that he was a student of myth-master Joseph Campbell. He based the stories on the standard myth of the hero versus the great evil found in many ancient traditional myths. Both Luke Skywalker and Hans solo represent the hero side, though it is primarily Luke who is the traditional hero of mythology. The emperor and Darth Vader represent the great evil. It is David and Goliath as space opera.

The Harry potter books similarly represent modern myth telling. Harry and his friends represent the good, the hero. Lord Valdemort and his Death Eaters are clearly the evil. Like Star Wars, the heroes are young while the bad guys are generally somewhat older. This isn’t age prejudice, but a way of saying that new thinking is needed to overcome the evil around us. Old ways and old thinking leads to death. Continue reading “Myth Magic and Mystery of All Ages”

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Eleusinian Mysteries and Myths

“The most famous of the ancient religious mysteries were the Eleusinian, whose rites were celebrated every five years in the city of Eleusis. … The initiates f the Eleusinian school were famous throughout Greece for the beauty of their philosophical concepts and the high standards of morality which they demonstrated in their daily lives. …

“The rites of Eleusis, with their Mystic interpretations of Nature’s most precious secrets, overshadowed the civilizations of their time and gradually absorbed many smaller schools. …

“Through indirect channels, some of their secrets have been preserved. The teachings given to the neophytes were substantially as follows:

“The Soul of man—often called psyche, and in the Eleusinian mysteries symbolized by Persephone—is essentially a spiritual thing. Its true home is in the higher worlds, where, free from the bondage of material form and material concepts, it is said to be truly alive and self-expressive.” ~Manly P. Hall

Eleusinian Gnostics

Earth Navel

Delphi Opthalmos or Navel Stone

The ancient Greek group know as Eleusinian truly was Gnostic in nature. According to Wikipedia, the mysteries were based on the myth of the abduction of Persephone by Hades and featured a cycle of three phases: the descent, the search, and the ascent. The Eleusinian rites may have been derived from those of the Mycenean people. The city of Eleusis, where these mysteries were centered, is said to have had a “well-spring” covered by a “navel-stone”. Recent discoveries have shown that many mysterious ancient sites, especially those used for prophecy, were locate over springs. The name of the city was said to mean “Ascend” to the Greeks. Appropriate for a center of spiritual development.

Standard of Morality

It is not something people generally think of when they talk about mystery schools, but they should. You can appreciate their high standards of morality, Even if you think the religious and spiritual beliefs of these groups were rubbish, even if you think the religious and spiritual beliefs of these groups were rubbish. In truth, whether the anti-religion crowd likes it or not, the whole concept of morality was primarily developed by religions. It was also, of course, part of the basic teachings of any spiritual school. I think it is reasonable to assume that a student who did not show proper morality would not pass his trial membership. Continue reading “Eleusinian Mysteries and Myths”

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Mystery School Students of Pythagoras

“The school of Pythagoras has several peculiar characteristics. Every new member was obliged to pass a period of five years of contemplation in perfect silence; the members held everything in common, and rejected animal food; they were believers in the doctrine of metempsychosis, and were inspired with an ardent and implicit faith in their founder and teacher. So much did the element of faith enter into their training, that ‘ autos epha’ “’He said it’ – was to them complete proof. Intense fraternal affection between the pupils was also a marked feature of the school; hence their saying, ‘my friend is my other self,’ has become a byword to this day.

“The teaching was in a great measure secret, and certain studies and knowledge were allotted to each class and grade of instruction. … N o person was permitted to commit to writing any tenet, or secret doctrine, and, so far as is known, no pupil ever broke the rule until after his death and the dispersion of the school.”

“The most striking peculiarities of his doctrines are dependent on the mathematical conceptions, numerical ideas and impersonations upon which his philosophy was founded. The principles governing numbers were supposed to be the principles of all Real Existences; and as numbers are the primary constituents of Mathematical Quantities, and at the same time present many analogies to various realities, it was further inferred that the elements of numbers were the elements of Realities.” ~William Wynn Westcott

Mystery School Students

It may be true that the school of Pythagoras required a period of five years of silent contemplation, but this was not the general standard of mystery schools. Most accepted new students on a trial basis of two or three years. I have never heard of them being required to spend all that time in silent contemplation.

They were required to keep to themselves all that they were taught. I have read that some schools threatened their students with death if they revealed any on the teachings. Many think this means that other members of the school would kill them. I doubt that. No member of a legitimate spiritual school would kill another person as that would doom their own soul and stop their spiritual progress. I think it meant that they would make no further spiritual progress and lose their right to eternal life in spirit after physical death.

Fraternal Affection

There is a fraternal affection that happens with mystery school students. It becomes a community, a family. You help each other and protect each other. You get to know each other, often better than your own family knows you. This is a good thing. It is something most spiritual schools encourage. The real one do, anyway.

Studies and Classes

It is sad to see on social media how many have fallen for the sick joke that a spiritual awakening is something that happens instantly and involves no more than a recognition that the world of matter is not all that exists. No great spiritual or mystery school has ever taught such a thing. They didn’t spend years developing the students spiritual faculties slowly because they wanted to keep them in the school. They did it because it was necessary.

Gradual spiritual growth is the only safe way for mystery school students  to do it. You don’t join a gym and expect to become a champion bodybuilder in a week or two. It takes years. The same with spiritual development. It doesn’t even end with the death of the physical body. Those who awaken their spiritual faculties while still alive in the material world will continue to grow after death.  They will continue to climb one level at a time.

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The Sixth Day is the day of Awakening

“He who observes the sixth day according to the Gospel, having already put to death the first impulses of sin, through cultivating the virtues attains a state of dispassion which, like, a desert, is bare of all evil: his Sabbath is a rest of his intellect. … But when he has crossed the Jordan he passes over into the land of spiritual knowledge, where the intellect, the temple mystically built by peace, becomes in spirit the dwelling place of God.

“He who after the example of God has completed the sixth day with fitting actions and thoughts, … has in his understanding traversed the condition of all things subject to nature and time and has entered into the mystical contemplation of the eons and the things inherent in them.” ~The Philokalia

Sixth Day

This is the day in which, according to the Bible, God created the animals, and then man. How can we be expected to do that? We can’t, of course. But the Sixth day has been interpreted as a day for doing good things and being creative. That we can do. The Philokalia says it is a time to cultivate virtues and attain dispassion. That also when can do, thought often with some difficulty.

The sixth day might also be though of as the day of completion, that day when the final steps are taken and the work is done. In truth, however, the work of spiritual development is never done. There is always a higher level to reach, a higher state of consciousness to achieve.

Land of Spiritual Knowledge

The temple of spiritual knowledge is built by mystical practices. It is not, however, the intellect which gains this knowledge and becomes the dwelling place of God. The brain-mind intellect is a thing of the material world. It is the soul which understands the spiritual. But it must be awakened first. We enter this world with our spirits and souls in a dormant state like being in a coma. We must give those spiritual faculties the energy they need to awaken. Then the soul can be filled with truth and knowledge (Gnosis).It can be the dwelling place of God. So symbolically, the sixth day is the day to turn away from the material and develop our spiritual side. Continue reading “The Sixth Day is the day of Awakening”