water of life

“The waters are not merely a destructive force, they are a necessary element in fertility. The eastern garden has a fountain at the center, from which the waters flow in labyrinthine channels to irrigate the plants. If the fountain dries up,the garden dies; if if flows with too great force, the garden is washed away. The same is true of the symbolic fountain that penetrates the surface of the conscious, intellectual mind, and fertilizes it with the waters from the deep chasm of the unconscious. Order, discipline, the rock of faith, the intellectual law, the rule of Caesar, all these are required by human nature, which demands the comfort and assurance of an organized society.

“But these are not its only requirements. However perfectly the garden is laid out and planted,without water, it is sterile. So also with the mind. Against reason stand prophecy, poetry, revelation the desire for Liberty and the millenarian influence of the Holy Spirit.” ~John Michell

Water of Fertility

We don’t generally think of fertility as a property of water. Nor do we thing of water when someone mentions fertility symbols. Yet, what Michell says is true. The plants growing in the garden need water. It is not what we normally think of as fertility, yet we plant seeds and put water on them to make them sprout. Sometimes, we make plants sprout just by putting them in water. So it certainly act like a form of fertility, at least with plants.

But what about animals? While in most animals, it is involved there too. Even the very act of conception requires the presence of water to function. So while it is the sperm that fertilizes the egg, this can’t happen without water. But I think Mr. Michell is hinting at another kind of Water.

Water of Life

There are a number of uses of the expression “Water of Life” in literature and religion, yet the definition of it varies. The important thing, I believe, is that it s a spiritual version of physical water. The Water of Life is the ether through which the Light of God travels. It is the carrier of spiritual life rather than physical life. And just as that garden Michell talks about needs to be watered regularly—but not too much—our spirits need to be watered regularly with God’s Light and the Water of Life.

Spirits grow stronger and smarter when they are nourished with that water, but shrivel like a raisin and go into a state of suspended animation when they are not. But just as the garden can be ruined by too much water, we can be driven mad by too much Water of Life before we are strong enough to deal with it. So while spiritual growth is great, we must not try to rush it.

Reason vs Revelation and Prophecy

Michell says we need both reason (or intellect) and its spiritual counterparts prophecy, poetry, and revelation. We in Cosolargy simplify that and call it Intellect and Consciousness. But by consciousness, we don’t mean what is ordinarily thought of as the conscious mind. We mean our spiritual mind or Soul. The Soul Consciousness is part of the One, part of the God Consciousness. That doesn’t mean we can say that we are God on an individual basis. That is like a single brick claiming to be the Great Wall of China.

We are a small piece of the God Consciousness or Cosmic consciousness. But we have to be spiritually “awake” to realize that reality. We have to eat the spiritual Light and drink the Water of Life. All symbolically, of course, since spirits don’t actually drink or eat. Yet they do need nourishment. So water your garden and your soul for a happy and fulfilled life.


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