Unseen regions, Immune Soul

“To those who say that it is presumption to penetrate into unseen regions, the occult scientist would merely point out that this can be done,and that it is sinning against the faculties with which man has been endowed if he allows them to waster instead of developing and using them.

“But he who thinks that views about the unseen world are necessarily wholly dependent on personal opinion and feeling is denying the common essence of all human beings. Even though it is true that everyone must find light on these things within himself, it is also a fact that all those who go far enough arrive at the same, not different conclusions. … Difference exist only as long as people will not approach the highest truths by the well-tested path of occult science, but attempt ways of their own choosing.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Into Unseen Regions

It is strange that many people think there is something wrong with trying to delve into higher realms of existence while still on Earth in a physical body. They don’t feel the same about exploring a lost jungle, or exploring the depths of the seas. Yet they think there is something improper about exploring our spiritual side. Fortunately, that group seems to be shrinking.

Occult Scientist

It is unfortunate that Mr. Steiner chooses the term “Occult science” instead of “spiritual science” or “Spiritual growth”. To many people think of the occult as something evil, and that is not the way Steiner means it. So wherever he says “Occult,” just think “Spiritual”.

Mr Steiner s saying that because we have the faculties with which to explore higher dimensions, we should use them. It seems he is saying that because we can do something, we should. On that, I can’t agree with him. There are many things we can do, but that doesn’t mean we should. When it comes to exploring the spiritual, though, we should. 

Personal Opinion

Steiner says that when truth is revealed to us, it is the same for all. That our personal beliefs or opinions do not change what is true, what is real. On the other hand, opinions and beliefs can prevent us from seeing Truth. It is what the Zen Masters mean when the say the cup must be emptied before it can be filled again. We have to push those opinions and beliefs aside before truth can be revealed. Otherwise, like an Evangelical Christian who sees portraits of Jesus in every stain and paint spill, we will see a distorted view.

Well-tested Path

If you belong to or follow any spiritual groups on social media, you have certainly heard many say that there is no correct path. There is no no single way to truth. “Everyone is free to follow his own path,” they say. In a way, they are correct. But if you are truing to go from Paris, France to Rome, Italy, taking a path that has you flying to Athens Greece, then on to London, then to New York on a cruise ship, then fly to Los Angeles, then Japan, then finally on to Rome, wouldn’t you appreciate it if some told you you could fly, or take a train, directly from Paris to Rome and get there much faster and for a much lower cost? Of course you would.

That is what Steiner and others are saying. Yes, in theory any path will get you there eventually. But why not listen to the experts and take the most direct route?

Do not be confused by the term Well-tested path. This does not mean it is the path most often followed. On the contrary, most of those following some sort of spiritual teaching today are not on that path. They are either not traveling to those unseen regions of spirit, or they are traveling only to the forth dimension. That is the realm of demons and fallen angels. The true path does go through the forth dimension (it can’t be avoided) but moves quickly on to the fifth dimension. That is the home of angels and beings of Light. So if you are getting very far following a random path, or just chanting and meditating, consider joining a real spiritual school that can how you the true, well-tested path. Unseen regions can be dangerous places without a guide.


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