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“If thou shalt intend that which is present, following the rule of right and reason carefully, solidly, meekly, and shalt not intermix any other businesses, but shalt study this only to preserve thy spirit unpolluted, and pure, and shall cleave unto him without either hope or fear of anything, in all things that thou shalt either do or speak countering thyself with heroical truth, thou shalt live happily; and from this, there is no man that can hinder thee.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Intend Unpolluted Truth

Imagination is a wonderful thing. But it is also something that is often misused. We misuse it when we hide form reality by filling it with fantasies. Not just by reading books or watching movies, but by letting our view of the world around us be hid under a veil of imagination.

Zen masters say we must empty our cup before it can be filled again. This means that we must remove those fantasies, false beliefs, and opinions about the world and the universe that allows our imagination to hide reality from us. We don’t need to empty out the truth, just the lies.

Intermix Other Business

Anyone who is good at telling lies knows that the best way to do so is to mix some truth in with the lies. Then if someone starts questioning what you say, you simply provide proof of the small part that is true.

The other side of that coin is rarely mentioned. If you take truth and mix it with thirty-percents, twenty-percent, or even as little as ten-percent lies, what you have is lies. A wise man can look at the results and discern what is true and what isn’t. Most people can’t. Frequently, something like this happens. An intelligent, but not wise, person looks at what was said or written and realizes some of it is not compatible with the rest. He realizes it can’t all be true. Unfortunately, being a materialist in a material world, he will probably choose the lies to believe and through out the rest. We see a lot of that today in those who call themselves Evangelical Christians though they are hardly practicing Christianity as taught by Jesus and his true apostles.

So mixing lies with truth is not a good way to go. Unpolluted truth is spiritual truth. Spiritual students must learn to know when it has happened and what is true and what isn’t. It it much like the necessity to learn spiritual symbolism to understand the allegorical and symbolic writings of the ancients.

Unpolluted and Pure

Aurelius advises us to keep our spirit unpolluted and pure. That is good advice for the body and mind as well. We keep the body pure with healthy eating and exercise. Regular bathing is also a good idea. It is probably also a good idea to stay away from those with contagious diseases unless we have some kind of immunity or protection. Why should a spiritual person care about the physical body? Because a physically strong and healthy person is better able to do the necessary spiritual work we all need to do.

Mentally, we become unpolluted and pure by ridding our minds of false beliefs and other lies. This doesn’t just mean those about politics and religion, but all false beliefs. We look around us and see a world of illusion because we have been taught that the illusion is reality and anything else is a lie. They taught us that matter is real and there is nothing beyond it, or if there is a spiritual world, we can worry about after we are dead. We have to cleanse our minds of these false beliefs if the truth is to be revealed to us. Fill our minds with unpolluted truth.

On the spiritual level, we stay pure and unpolluted by being present and aware, positive and loving. All those things we did to make the body and mind pure help, but we need to go beyond that. We need to fill the spirit and soul with positive energy, positive light. We get that positive light from the sun. The light from the physical sun helps the body and mind. The light from the spiritual sun nourishes the spirit and soul. Originating with God, that spiritual light is naturally unpolluted. Unpolluted truth is the only truth.


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