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Changes in Thought Bring Changes in Life

“The changes that are before us are as great as the changes in thought and life described in the novel by H. G. Wells, entitled ‘In the Days of the Comet’. In fact, Mr. Wells has indicated in that story some of the very changes that the advanced souls of the race have informed their students are before the race—the prophetic insights of the writer names seems marvelous, until one realizes that even the writer is being used as a part of the mental machinery of the Change itself. … It [the Change] will come from the unfolding of the race mind, the process being now under way. … The old things are beginning to totter and fall, and idea rendered sacred by years of observance are being brushed aside with a startling display of irreverence. Under the surface of our civilization we may hear the straining and groaning of the ideas and principles that are striving to force their way out on the plain of manifestation.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Changes in Thought and Life

Changes in thought and life are definitely upon us. Climate change, political change, changes in science and medicine, and more. In fact, change is happening so rapidly that many are having trouble coping with it. Many foolishly try to fight it rather than grow with it. But while we may be able to slow down, or even stop, some of the changes on the physical level, there is another level. Even more change is happening on the spiritual level that most of us know little about. In fact, all changes of any significance on the physical level can be traced to changes on the spiritual level. It mush happen spiritually before it can happen physically.

Mr. Atkinson was known as a spiritual guru, yet he oddly talks about the changes as being strictly mental. He is wrong about that. While there certainly will be mental changes, the most significant changes will happen on the spiritual level. In short, there will be many thousands, perhaps even millions of us, who will experience a true awakening of the spirit and soul. That will give us great wisdom, truth, and power over the realm of lies and darkness.

Muses and Artists

I haven’t read “In the Days of the Comet,” but I will now that I have read this. Mr. Atkinson seems to be saying that H. G Wells was not a prophet, but just an artist helped and inspired by a muse. A must who was an angel or other type of spiritual being. That may be, but it is also possible that Wells was a student of some mystery school and really did know what he was writing about.

Muses, however, are not unusual. I can agree with Atkinson on that. Many writers, musicians, and artists of all sort have been secretly inspired by them. Many bits of great truth and wisdom can be found in songs, paintings, books and plays. In most cases, the artist is unaware of their significance. Nonetheless, they can help awaken those who are ready. Or at least put them on the path to an awakening. Continue reading “Changes in Thought Bring Changes in Life”

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Integrated Being of Matter and Spirit

“God is infinitely above all beings, whether participant or participable, for whatever belongs to the category of being is a work of God, even thought participant beings had a temporal origin, whereas participable beings were implanted by grace among things that come into existence in time. In this way participable beings are a kind of innate power clearly proclaiming God’s presence in all things. All immortal things and immortality itself, all holy things and holiness itself, all blessings and blessedness itself. … Some things began to be in time, for they have not always existed. … Those things which began in time exist and are said to exist by participation in the things which did not began in time. For God is the creator of all life, immortality, holiness and goodness.” ~The Philokalia

God is Above All

God is above all things, all beings. It could not be otherwise. If any being were higher than God, than that being would be the true God. If any being were at the same level as God, then it would not be a different entity, but an aspect of God. So God, the true God of spirit, remains at the very top of the pyramid alone. Yet not truly alone, because all consciousness is part of His consciousness. He may even be amused by those silly bits of low-level consciousness who think themselves so independent and powerful.

Participant or Participable

I think the author of this part of the Philokalia made some poor choices of terminology here. You can understand what he is trying to say if you are already aware of the truth regarding the creation of beings. Otherwise, you will probably be confused.

There are basically two levels of creation and created beings. Some beings were created by God Himself. There are also beings that were not created by God directly, but were created instead by some of those beings that God did create. In other words, beings created by God have the ability to create also, thought not to the same scale. Unfortunately, many of those beings have forgotten that, so they run around creating thinks without intending to. If you are appalled by some of the horrid creatures that exist in the world, guess what? God didn’t create them, we did!

So how do we know which beings were created by God, and which are created in time? Simple. Matter is a thing of time. It changes, it becomes energy, it is not permanent. Therefore, anything made of matter is a time being not made by God. Here is where it get complicated. Most, if not all, of those matter beings have a spirit and soul. Spirits were created by God. Souls were created by God. So there are beings that were partly created by God, and partly by lesser beings. Yes, that includes us humans. Continue reading “Integrated Being of Matter and Spirit”

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Divine Proportion in the World of Matter

“It has always been known that the Greek craftsmen made use of a secret canon of proportion, revealed only to initiates, which they inherited from the Egyptians, who had preserved it from deepest antiquity. Blavatsky refers to it as the lost canon, and so it remained until it s partial rediscovery earlier this century by the American, Jay Hambidge. For many years Hambidge wrote and lectured on the geometrical types which determined the proportions of Greek vases, paintings,sculpture and which are also the basic model of plant growth and of the human skeleton. … His attempts to persuade artists and architects of the advantages to be gained from using the canonical proportions in design were generally unsuccessful. Artists, encouraged by a fragmented society to regard themselves as great individuals of original genius, have not in modern times cared to study the eternal gods of visual harmony.” ~John Michell

Divine Proportion

Mr. Michell wrote the above quote in his book “City of Revelation” in 1972. I believe he was fortunate enough to see a revival to some degree of respect for the ancient canon of proportion. Perhaps his books and teachings helped with that revival. In any case, what most call Divine Proportion is a real thing and respect for it is making a comeback.

Divine proportion may be complicated in practice, but is simple to understand. It simply means that certain proportions are more harmonious, more pleasing, than others. While there may be good, practical reasons to make things in other shapes, divine proportion is always best when possible. First, of course, one has to spend time studying the rules of divine proportion in order to follow them.

Greeks and Egyptians

The Greeks did get many of their ideas from the Egyptians, including those of divine proportion. The Greek philosopher and spiritual teacher Pythagoras was particular known for his insistence that geometry was a sacred science, not simply mathematics.

And this divine proportion geometry can be seen in nature as well as in things made by man. In the geometry of snowflakes, the arrangements of leaves o plants, and so on.

Many examples of divine proportion can be found in Egyptian art and architecture. But as Mr. Michell notes, they got the knowledge from even older civilizations. And that doesn’t just mean the Babylonians. It also means older civilizations that science doesn’t except, but they existed anyway. Civilizations like those of Atlantis and Lemuria. Civilization that all knew the laws of divine proportion and tried to follow them whenever possible. Continue reading “Divine Proportion in the World of Matter”

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Karmic Scribes of the Physical Universe

“The Lipika, from the word lipi, ‘writing’, means literally the ‘Scribes.’ Mystically, these Divine Beings are connected with Karma, the Law of Retribution,for they are the recorders or Annalists who impress on the (to us) invisible tablets of the Astral Light, … a faithful record of every act, and even thought, of man, of all that was, is, or ever will be, in the phenomenal universe. … As it is the Lipika who project into objectivity from the passive Universal Mind the ideal plan of the universe, upon which the ‘builders’ reconstruct the Cosmos after every Pralaya, it is they who stand parallel to the Seven Angels of the Presence, who the Christians recognize in the seven ‘Planetary Spirits’ or the ‘Spirits of the Stars.’” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Karmic Scribes

Are the Lipika real? Are there really beings, angels perhaps, who have the job of recording everything that is said or done into the Akashic Records? That is debatable. My personal feeling is that they do not exist. They are an allegory for a process that is automatic. There is no need for some being to record our deeds. The deeds record themselves. There is no need for beings to write down our thoughts, thoughts record themselves. So the real karmic scribes are thoughts. Ours, and the thoughts of all other beings.

What this means is that there is no way to hide any thoughts or deeds from those karmic scribes since the thoughts themselves generate the Akashic Records. You can’t keep the thoughts to yourself. You can’t hide the deed from the scribes. Karma is always listening, always recording.

Phenomenal Universe

The physical universe, the universe of matter, is what Blavatsky is talking about. She says these karmic scribes record everything that happens in this universe. What about the spiritual realms? While she doesn’t mention them here, I think it is reasonable to assume that all thoughts on that level get recorded as well, though possibly to a different “library.” Continue reading “Karmic Scribes of the Physical Universe”