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“You can only oppose successfully the hatred or evil thought of others by throwing out toward it the thought of good-will. Good-will as a thought element is more powerful than the thought of hatred. It can turn it aside. … The Christ precept, ‘Do good to them that hate you,’ is is based on a scientific law. It means that thoughts are things, and that the thought of good can always overpower that of evil. … The fact that all thought, all emotion, all of what is called sentiment, or qualities such as mercy, patience, love, etc., are elements as real as any we see, is the cornerstone to the scientific basis of religion.” ~Prentice Mulford

Hateful or Evil Thought

Before you can deal with hateful or evil thought, you have to know what they are. In some cases it is obvious. If a person is thinking that he wants another person to be dead, or worse yet, wants to kill him, those thoughts are obviously hateful and evil. But some thoughts of hate and evil are of a gentler sort, yet can still have effect.

A person who is not one of the smartest in the world, might improve over time if given a chance. But if everyone around him keeps thinking he is not very smart, it makes it nearly impossible for him to improve. Likewise, if an overweight person has friends and relatives who think, “He is fat, he ill always be fat, he can’t change that.” They are sending out powerful energies that keep their friend from getting control of his weight.

Thoughts of Good-will

The good news for those of us trapped in some type of evil though cage like those mentioned above can be helped by others as easily as they can be hindered. If a kind person thinks that the guy who isn’t very bright can and will improve, he sends toward him energies that helps him break out of the hateful cage he is trapped in.

If good-will thoughts are sent to the overweight guy, he too can be broken out of his cage. The ones with irrational fears can have those pushed aside with the help of friends. Good-will thoughts can help us succeed in almost anything. And they don’t have to be very specific. Just sending out general thoughts of success, patience, and love can help.

Thoughts are Things

It is hard for many to except, but it is true. Thoughts, emotions, feelings are just as much “things” as a rock or a frog. They are not lesser things, or weaker things, but equal things. When Jesus said that having faith the size of a mustard seed could move mountains, he was talking about the power of thought.

Some say that the universe itself is nothing but thoughts in the mind of God. I don’t know if that is true or not, but even scientists now say that the physical universe is not at all what most think it is. It is actually a hologram, a projection made entirely of light. They also say that the beams of light carry information. That means that those beams of light are thought. So the rock, the frog, and everything else are just thoughts. Therefore, thoughts not only affect the universe, they are the universe. So try to keep the hateful and evil thought to a minimum and replace them with positive thought.


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