Upanishads sun of life, sun of love

Prana is the sun; rayi is the moon.
Matter is solid, matter is subtle;
Rayi therefore is present everywhere.

“The sun gives light and life to all who live.
East and west, north and south,above, below,
It is the prana of the universe.

“The wise see the Lord of Love in the sun,
Rising in all its golden radiance
To give its warmth and life to all. …

“Those who observe outward forms of worship
Travel after death by the southern path,
The path of the ancestors and of rayi,
To the lunar world, and are born again.

“But for those who seek the Self through meditation,
Self-Discipline, wisdom, and faith in God
Travel after death by the northern path,
The path of prana, to the solar world,
Supreme refuge, beyond the reach of fear.” ~Prashna Upanishad

Sun Gives Light

The sun does give light, and much more. Light, heat, any many other types of radiation come from the sun. Some of that radiation is beneficial, some isn’t. There is no doubt, however, that if the sun went out, all living beings on Earth would quickly die. Something people forget when they listen to the sellers of drugs and sunblock who tell us the sun is out to kill and we must protect ourselves. For thousands of years, intelligent people as well as spiritual ones have said otherwise. Yet now we have millions listening to the drug vendors who benefit from keeping them weak and ill.

Sun Gives Life

Some will argue that the sun doesn’t give life, but is necessary for it. On the material level, that may be splitting hairs. On the spiritual level, things are different. The spiritual sun does awaken out dormant spirits and souls. In a sense, that is like giving them life, even though they are not truly dead. It is this awakening of the spirit and soul that Jesus called being reborn.

Since spiritual life is eternal, the spiritual sun is more important to us than the physical sun. The wise see the Lord of Love in the sun because His presence is in the Light of the spiritual sun. Taking in that light awakens, nourishes, and educates the soul with truth and wisdom.

Forms of Worship

It’s strange that what the Upanishads calls outward forms of worship are still popular thousands of years after this was written. They may be even more popular with the general population now than ever before. These include those who make a big show of visiting their church or temple regularly and sitting through services, usually with no real participation. It includes those who think praying and asking God for material gifts (“gimme, gimme, gimme a car! gimme, gimme, gimme a house!”) is what it’s all about. God is there to serve us, right? Wrong. We are here to serve God, not the other way around. Angels and saints also serve God, not man.

As the Upanishads says, those who seek Self travel the path of Prana. More accurately, those who seek to awaken Self (the soul) travel the path of Prana (enlightenment wisdom). While the quote says this path involves regular meditation ,it should be noted that it refers to a higher form of meditation than the simplistic silent chanting that has become popular in the West today. Simple meditation helps you relax and clear your mind. It also lowers your frequencies. Spiritual meditation also clears the mind and opens it to receive truth, but it also raises your frequencies closer to the high frequencies of spiritual worlds and the spiritual beings who dwell their.

So lets all go beyond the reach of fear, the reach of materialism, and practice spiritual growth techniques rather than simple relaxation. Most of all, remember that the sun gives light and life, physical and spiritual.


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