Dynamic geometry

Dynamic Geometry and Learning Truth

“Teachers in the centers of education throughout the ancient world, such as that founded by Pythagoras at Croton, understood that is is impossible for anyone to learn anything until he has experienced its truth for himself, and therefore set their pupils to practice the arts of dynamic geometry and numerology in order to exercise the faculty of intuition, through which may be apprehended the essential laws of cosmic motion. In these institutions personal opinions and systems of belief, however ingeniously contrived, were disregarded. The conflict of ideas was seen as one manifestation of the perpetual interaction of elemental forces, and decisions were not reached simply in accordance with the expediency of the time; every feature of existence was determined by reference to a living canon of proportion, formed after the perfect model of the cosmos, and also reflecting the structure of the human mind.” ~John Michell

Teachers of Experience

The primary function of the teachers in the ancient mystery schools was to show their students how to learn truth through experience. For the most part, the students were not taught spiritual facts, but instead were taught to awaken their own spiritual faculties so they could learn those facts through experience. There are two primary reasons for doing it this way. First, the student is more likely to accept the truth if he experiences it for himself. Second, the words to properly express the truth simply don’t exist. Language was created to deal with the world of matter, not spirit. When you try to explain spiritual things in language that doesn’t fit, you get distortion and misunderstandings.

Dynamic Geometry

What does Michell mean by “dynamic geometry”? How can geometry be dynamic? It is dynamic when it is more than just a branch of mathematics.cross of forces

In the Pythagorean school, geometry was studied as a spiritual subject as well as a physical one. The shapes of geometric figures was considered to be the language of the soul. Viewing certain shapes helped waken the dormant spiritual faculties in man. These faculties, in turn, often communicated with the brain-mind using geometry.

I remember having dreams where the sky was full of flying saucers and they were forming groups in basic geometric shapes. I had that dream several times, which is usually an indication that the dream is conveying important information. Yet they all happened long before I learned that geometry is the language of the soul. The earliest known symbol for God uses two simple geometric shapes. Its a circle representing the sun with a simple cross over it. Ancient writings often mention various shapes, and few realize that it is an attempt to communicate something to the soul.


We can exercise our intuition in many ways. Understanding the meaning of geometric shapes is just one of them, but an important one. Understanding how these basic shapes relate to the structure of the universe and the forces that control it is even more important. Intuition helps us understand dynamic geometry and dynamic geometry helps strengthen intuition. Continue reading “Dynamic Geometry and Learning Truth”

God communicates

God Communicates to Transform Us

“God communicate Himself to pure souls, and blesses, through them, other souls, who are in a state of receptivity. … The nature of God is communicative. God would cease to be God if He should cease to communicate Himself, by love, to the pure soul. As the air rushes to a vacuum, so God fills the soul emptied of self. …

“God communicates Himself to us in proportion as we are prepared to receive Him. And in proportion as He diffuses Himself in us, we are transformed in Him, and bear His image. O, the astonishing depths of God’s love! Giving Himself to souls dis-appropriated of self,becoming their end, and their final principle, their fullness, and their all.” ~Madam Guyon

God Communicates

God communicates with us in many ways. He communicate through events called miracles. He communicates with souls through the language of symbols and geometry. Most of all, He communicates with us through His Light which comes to us through the intermediary of the spiritual sun. That light not only energizes the spirit and soul, it carries knowledge and truth embedded within much like music being carries on a radio carrier wave.

God and Nonbelievers

Nonbelievers will say that they have tried to communicate with God, yet God has never communicated with them. Which, by their logic, proves God doesn’t exist. By that logic, if I call the White House and ask to talk to the president and he refuses to take my call, that proves the president doesn’t exist. In short, God speaks to those who will listen with an open mind. He doesn’t speak to those who doubt or who think they are the judge of what is true and what is false, what is good and what is bad.

God Communicates to Transform

God doesn’t communicate with us because He is bored and wants some idle chitchat. He also doesn’t communicate with us because he is a genie and wants us to make three wishes which he will rant.

God communicates with us as part of the process of transformation. He wants us to transform into the spiritual beings we are supposed to be. The beings we were before the Great Fall. He also wants to transform the planet Earth back into it’s original state as a spiritual planet. But because God gave us free will, He won’t transform our world if we don’t want it. So he communicates with us to let us know what He is planning. He wants us to not only agree, but be active participants in that transformation process. Not because He can’t do it alone, but more because it’s a kind of “You got yourself into this mess, not get yourself out,” kind of situation. Of course, when I say we got ourselves in this situation, by “ourselves,” I mean the human race. We may not have been part of it ourselves, but out ancestors were. Continue reading “God Communicates to Transform Us”


Deceit in Material and Spiritual Marketplaces

“I beheld priests foaming like sly foxes; and false messiahs contriving and conspiring against Man’s happiness.
“And I saw Man calling upon Wisdom for deliverance; but Wisdom did not hearken to his cries, for he had contemned her when she spoke to him in the streets of the city.
“And I saw preachers gazing in adoration toward the heavens, while their hearts were interred in the pits of greed. …
“I saw the lawmakers chattering idly selling their wares in the market places of Deceit and Hypocrisy.

“I saw physicians toying with the souls of the simple-hearted and trustful. I saw the ignorant sitting with the wise, exalting their past to the throne of glory, adorning their present with the robes of plenty. …
“I saw the thieves of Ignorance despoiling the treasures of knowledge, while the sentinel of Light lay drowned in the deep sleep of inaction.” ~Kahlil Gibran

View From the Mount of Truth

This is one nasty city Gibran is seeing from the top of that mountain. Sadly, it could be almost any city of today. With priests getting charged with child molesting and others passing themselves off as spiritual masters or gurus when all they did is read a book on spiritual growth (which NEVER contain the whole truth) or took a class in basic meditation for relaxation. Judges who are often worse than the “criminals” they are prosecuting and government official who are so crooked they resemble a Celtic knot.

Wisdom Did Not Hearken

Surprise! Wisdom is wise. She won’t reveal her secrets to those who will misuse or abuse them. Wisdom won’t share truth with those who want to use it for power over others. She won’t give knowledge to the greedy who want it just to make money. In truth, it is rare for her to reveal her secrets to anyone who hasn’t spent years searching for them in humility and with a desire to use the knowledge to benefit all.

Market Place of Deceit

I don’t think it is even necessary to explain this one. We all know we can’t trust what we hear and see in commercials or other kinds of advertising. We can’t even trust political leaders to do the things they said they would do when campaigning. At least in thew United State we know that the stated price of a product or service is the actual price, with the exception of cars. In many other countries, the first price mentioned is the starting point for haggling. If you don’t haggle for a lower price, you’re considered an idiot. He idea of pricing the product fairly and accurately to began with would never be considered. Continue reading “Deceit in Material and Spiritual Marketplaces”

energy flow

Energy Flow: Physical and Spiritual

“Many of the creatures, which live in the physical world, are in a low development phase as a result of which they draw power from those creatures which are at a higher level than them. If you get on their road, they will draw from you and you will feel powerless. In order for you to restore the spent power, you shall contact the sublime and draw energy from there. Whatever you do, you cannot get rid of the influence of the lower world. Hence, at one place they will draw from you, at another place you will draw. In other words, while man is connected to the Earth, he always loses his energies. When he contacts the Sun, he draws from its energies and renovates himself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Cycles and Circles of Energy

Lower lifeforms do sometimes take energy from us. Usually, this is only the dark and demonic life forms. Most plants and animals don’t steal energy from other beings. But they may exchange energy when the opportunity presents itself.

Energy exchange may seem pointless, but it isn’t. Different types of beings learn a lot about each other by doing this. And even if the energy exchange leaves both with the exact same amount of energy as before, the fact that the energy exchange happened seems to have a refreshing kind of effect on both.

Energy Flow

You might wonder why you should bother to take in energy at all if lower beings are going to take if from you anyway. It is partly because you can, if you work at it, take in more than they can steal. It is also because energy works more like a circle than a simple one-way street. Being A sends energy to being B. B shares it with C. C gives come to D. D sends some back to being A. That’s a simplifies example. A real one might involve hundreds o beings of all kinds.

There is also energy cycles to deal with. When one being is on the low side of the cycle, he can get energy from others to help. Then when they are on the low end of their cycle, he can return the favor. So the compete exchange of energy doesn’t always happen at one time.

Universal Energy Flow

This energy exchanging and energy cycles isn’t limited to planet Earth and the lifeforms on it. Planets exchange energy with each other. Stars exchange energy with other stars including our sun. Galaxies exchange energy with other galaxies. There are even energy flows from the realms of spirit down to the lower levels of matter. It is possible that similar energy circles exist in spiritual beings.
Continue reading “Energy Flow: Physical and Spiritual”