Law of attraction

“There has been much written of recent years in the Western world regarding the effect of the mental attitude upon success and attainment upon the material plane. While much of this is nothing but the wildest imagining, still there remains a very firm substratum of truth underlying it all.

“It is undoubtedly true that one’s prevailing mental attitude is constantly manifesting and objectifying itself in this life. … In the first place, the mind when directed toward certain set of objects becomes very alert to discover things concerning those objects—to seize upon things, opportunities, persons, ideas, and facts tending to promote the object thought of. … The few who have attained extraordinarily high degrees of [spiritual] development, make use of this power in order to help the race.” ~William Walker Akinson

Law of Attraction

Nearly every day I see memes and comments on Facebook promoting in some way the Law of Attraction. These are usually posted in supposedly spiritual groups, yet most are promoting material success, material wealth, or other things that are considered desirable on the material level.

While there is nothing wrong with a reasonable amount of material success, there are dangers in trying to get too much of it. First off, there are other “laws” on this plane besides the so-called Law of Attraction. One of them is that if you get things you haven’t earned, you will be required to pay for them at a later time. You don’t get to choose how you pay for them. The powers of darkness who run the realm of matter will make that decision.

Too Many Cooks

Curiously, nearly all the people promoting this Law of Attraction have had little, if any, success with it themselves. They seem to believe that if they promote it to others, it will also start working for them. Gurus of this “Law” will inevitably insist that if it isn’t working for you, you are not doing it right. Either you are not concentrating enough energy into what you want, or you are not sticking to one goal until you get it.

While there is some truth to that, it leaves out one very important factor: you are not working in a vacuum. If you live in a world all by yourself, then probably every though of yours would quickly become reality. Unfortunately for you, you don’t. You live in a world with billions of people. Those people are all thinking many different things. Like the old saying about too many cooks spoiling the stew, too many people thinking conflicting and undisciplined thoughts spoils the world. The thing is, while to some degree each of us is living in his own world, we are mostly living in a shared world. And everyone living in that shared world is controlling it with their thoughts. That makes it nearly impossible for the thoughts of one person to manifest.

Energy Levels

Another reason people don’t get results with the Law of Attraction is the amount of thought energy they are using. Proponents of the law will say that you have to concentrate on what you want, be detailed, be firm, be emotional about it. All of that is true but it leaves out he base energy level of the person involved.

Lets think about a tug-of-war. If you have two guys having a tug of war, and one is very strong and muscular while the other is weak, the strong one is going to win unless the weak one uses some trickery. Likewise, if a person with a lot of mental energy is thinking something that is the opposite of what the guy next to him with much less mental energy is thinking, the one sending out the thought with the most energy will win. The good news is that there are ways to increase our mental energy.

Doubts, illness, fear, and other similar things can reduce our life energy. Believing in ourselves, and taking in light from both the physical and spiritual suns can dramatically increase our life energy. And the more life energy we have, the more energy we put into our thoughts.

Spiritual Law of Attraction

Atkinson says advanced occult or spiritual students get good results with this law. Partly, that is because they use it for the benefit of all rather than for selfish things. It is also because they have more life energy than most. It is claimed that if a mere twelve spiritual masters were on this planet at the same time, they could completely transform it. That is how powerful their thoughts are.

The fact that they are doing it for the good of all plays into it as well. Here’s how. Suppose a mentally challenged person firmly believes that she is a mermaid. Nonetheless,she doesn’t grow a fish tail and scales. That is because the Law of Attraction works mostly on the subconscious level. So her subconscious mind is telling those people around her that she is a mermaid through subconscious communication. The subconscious minds of those others reply: “No, you’re not!” Her subconscious mind accepts what the majority says and doesn’t make her grow scales. But when that spiritual person sends out thoughts of changing the world in ways that benefit all, the subconscious minds of most agree with him. That adds even more energy to his thoughts and they can happen.

Avoid the Pitfalls

So if you want to get results with the Law of Attraction, avoid the pitfalls.

  • Don’t be greedy or ask for things you know you haven’t earned
  • Never ask for others to be harmed in any way
  • Don’t ask for things against your nature like growing gills so you can breathe underwater
  • Do put as much energy into those thoughts as you can
  • Ask for things that benefit others as much s yourself
  • Do work with others so your thoughts are multiplied

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