energy flow

“Many of the creatures, which live in the physical world, are in a low development phase as a result of which they draw power from those creatures which are at a higher level than them. If you get on their road, they will draw from you and you will feel powerless. In order for you to restore the spent power, you shall contact the sublime and draw energy from there. Whatever you do, you cannot get rid of the influence of the lower world. Hence, at one place they will draw from you, at another place you will draw. In other words, while man is connected to the Earth, he always loses his energies. When he contacts the Sun, he draws from its energies and renovates himself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Cycles and Circles of Energy

Lower lifeforms do sometimes take energy from us. Usually, this is only the dark and demonic life forms. Most plants and animals don’t steal energy from other beings. But they may exchange energy when the opportunity presents itself.

Energy exchange may seem pointless, but it isn’t. Different types of beings learn a lot about each other by doing this. And even if the energy exchange leaves both with the exact same amount of energy as before, the fact that the energy exchange happened seems to have a refreshing kind of effect on both.

Energy Flow

You might wonder why you should bother to take in energy at all if lower beings are going to take if from you anyway. It is partly because you can, if you work at it, take in more than they can steal. It is also because energy works more like a circle than a simple one-way street. Being A sends energy to being B. B shares it with C. C gives come to D. D sends some back to being A. That’s a simplifies example. A real one might involve hundreds o beings of all kinds.

There is also energy cycles to deal with. When one being is on the low side of the cycle, he can get energy from others to help. Then when they are on the low end of their cycle, he can return the favor. So the compete exchange of energy doesn’t always happen at one time.

Universal Energy Flow

This energy exchanging and energy cycles isn’t limited to planet Earth and the lifeforms on it. Planets exchange energy with each other. Stars exchange energy with other stars including our sun. Galaxies exchange energy with other galaxies. There are even energy flows from the realms of spirit down to the lower levels of matter. It is possible that similar energy circles exist in spiritual beings.

Solar Energy Flow

Douno advises us to recharge by getting energy from the sun. He says this energy renovates us and that is true. What he doesn’t get into here is that there is more than one sun to deal with.

First, there is the physical sun that we all know so well. In recent decades, foolish people have advised us to hide under the bed whenever it is up. The sun, they claimed, is trying to kill us. Why after billions of years of helping us, it would suddenly turn evil and try to kill us, they never explain. In any case, the folly of their advice has become apparent. At the same time that science is discovering that vitamin D is more important to our health than was previously believed, many of us are suffering from vitamin D deficiency due mostly to hiding from the sun.

Second, the sun has a spirit, just like everything else. And just as the physical sun can greatly benefit our physical bodies if used correctly, the spiritual sun can benefit our spirits and souls.

Energy Flow is Information Flow

Finally, the energy exchanges that take place between all beings of all sizes do more than keep us energized. That energy carries information inside of it. So when we take in energy from another being, we learn something about that being. But is doesn’t stop there. Suppose you are exchanging energy with a tree that has previously exchanged energy with a bear. You not only get information about the tree, but also about the bear. And each time you get energy from the sun, you learn a little more about the sun, the stars, and the entire universe. From the spiritual sun, you also get information about the spiritual realms. What a great way to learn and get energy flow at the same time.


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